White Couple Gives Birth To Triplets, But People Instantly Notice How ‘Different’ They Look

Aaron and Rachel Halbert knew they wanted to adopt even before they got married — and they also knew they wanted to adopt a black child.

In an article written for The Washington Post, Aaron explains how he and Rachel not only had difficulty conceiving naturally, they also came to understand that white children are more likely to be adopted. They felt a calling to provide a home for a child who may otherwise not get to have a family. “Grasping diversity will make the world stronger as we marvel at God’s creative genius on display through His people’s varying pigments, personalities and proficiencies.

Our differences are cause for celebration, not scorn,” he writes.

Little did they know that this decision would change their lives in the most incredible and unexpected way.

Aaron and Rachel, both Presbyterian missionaries, visited an adoption agency in Mississippi. They adopted two African-American kids, one boy and one girl. Their unconventional family was met by outsiders with both racism and acceptance.

The Halberts never intended on having any more children, until they heard about the National Embryo Donation Center. Usually, excess frozen embryos are destroyed or given to science, but Christian centers accept “donations” that can be “adopted” by couples having trouble conceiving.

Since Aaron and Rachel wanted their two adopted children to fit in with their new siblings, Rachel had two African-American twin embryos implanted.

That’s when something completely miraculous happened.

Video Credit: National Embryo Donation Center

Mom Uses A Plastic Headband To Turn Her Daughter’s Hair Into An Easter Basket Filled With Eggs

Erin Balogh of San Marcos, California has been braiding hair ever since she was a little girl. She’d practice her styling skills on her three sisters.

Now, with three kids of her own, Erin’s hairstyles have become more creative and aspirational. Her video tutorials demonstrate all sorts of fun and fashionable braids, ponytails and updo’s.

As Easter approached, Erin wanted to create the perfect Easter-inspired braid.

Since braiding is a bit like basket weaving — and her 10-year-old daughter Quinn has beautiful long brown hair — she combined the two into one eccentric style.

In the clip below, she literally turns Quinn’s hair into an Easter basket, complete with colorful eggs and straw!

For these braids, Erin used hair clips, a headband, elastics, mini Easter eggs, Easter basket grass, and ribbons. She says it took some experimenting, but after a few tries her “Easter Basket Hair” turned out just as she imagined it could.

“Basically, you want to think about how to give the hair structure to become a basket. The headband provides that structure by acting as the frame for the handle, and giving an anchor to attach the braids to become the sides of the basket,” she told Caters News. “The biggest challenge is getting the braids to lie nicely on their sides and hiding the ends of one braid into the other and vice versa so it looks like one continuous braid going around.”

The end result is definitely eye-catching.

Dad Admits He Doesn’t Want To Take His Kid To Father-Daughter Dances Because They’re ‘Creepy’

Father-daughter dances are a time-honored tradition at many grade schools. But to one dad, these dances are a “creepy” tradition that should definitely be questioned.

The dad wrote into the Reddit community, explaining that he feels hesitant to attend a father-daughter dance with his child when she gets old enough.

“They are creepy and sexualize the relationship between daughter and father,” he wrote. “The whole thing just grosses me out and makes my skin crawl. I love my daughter with all my heart, but I don’t want to date her.”

The dad told his wife about his feelings, and she “lost it.” She said he would be taking away an important bonding experience with his daughter if he didn’t attend the dances.

So, the dad turned to social media to settle their argument, and… Commenters couldn’t agree! As the dad pointed out, some daddy-daughter dances are definitely creepy — like “purity balls” in which daughters pledge their virginity to their fathers. But are regular school father-daughter dances really as creepy as purity balls? That’s what this whole debate hinged on, as you’ll see below.

A father wrote in to Reddit with a burning question: Is it fair that he thinks father-daughter dances are messed up?

The dad says he thinks the dances are “creepy” and that they “sexualize the relationship between daughter and father.”

The particular father-daughter dance in question was for Valentine’s Day.

“There are hearts all over the poster,” the dad explained. “The dad and daughter are dressed like they are going to prom together. It’s oddly ‘date-like.’”

The dad also explained what the dance reminded him of: “purity balls where fathers claim sexual ownership of daughters until marriage.”

Those purity balls are a well-documented creepy phenomenon in which young girls pledge their virginity to their dads.

To this dad, daddy-daughter dances and purity balls seem creepy in similar ways.

“The whole thing just grosses me out and makes my skin crawl,” he said. “I love my daughter with all my heart, but I don’t want to date her. I also don’t want to reinforce weird gender and patriarchal stereotypes in my daughter’s young mind.”

This entire question is just a hypothetical — the dad’s daughter is only 2 years old at the moment, and he says he would go to such a dance if she really wanted him to in the future.

But when he expressed his doubts to his wife, she “lost it.”

“She was shaking and crying. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look at me with such disdain,” the dad wrote.

“She thinks I would be denying my daughter a special bonding experience. She was worried my daughter would feel so hurt and left out by this.”

Commenters were more than happy to chime in with their own opinions. Unlike many viral social media posts (where everybody piles on with the same viewpoint over and over), this one was actually very up in the air!

Some commenters thought it was completely reasonable to think these dances are gross, inappropriate, and rooted in patriarchal traditions.

Other commenters added some historical context to differentiate daddy-daughter dances from purity balls.

Daddy-daughter dances have been around since long before purity balls, so the two don’t necessarily share roots.

Others acknowledged that, yes, maybe daddy-daughter dances have problematic and sexist origins. But they also serve as a special bonding time for children and their parents and peers.

And those dances can feel particularly special in a culture where fathers are often less involved in their kids’ lives than mothers.

” I loved the daddy daughter dances my girl scout troop had growing up… It was fun and one of the few one-on-one events I had with my dad growing up (lots of siblings),” one commenter wrote.

A lot of comments did share the dad’s reservations. On the other hand, a lot of other people called the dad “weird” for thinking that the dances could be sexualized in the first place.

After all the debate, the dad returned to the post with some more thoughts. He admitted that maybe “sexualized” is too strong of a word, but the Valentine’s Day daddy-daughter dance did have romantic overtones.

Also, he pointed out that he’s a stay-at-home dad who doesn’t need a special event to bond with his kid.

“I feel like a lot of people here think I believe these things are bad because I think dancing with my daughter is sexual,” he added. “That’s not true. I dance with her now. I’m affectionate. I hug and kiss her. I nap and cuddle with her. It’s my favorite thing in the world. However, when she’s older some of that stuff becomes less appropriate.”

He finished by thanking everyone for the food for thought:

“Whatever your opinion on it, just know I’m gonna keep doing the best I can to be a good dad, dances or not.”

Maid of Honor Hilariously Pranks Wedding Photos & We All Want to Be Her BFF

In most cases, the loved ones of the bride and groom end up playing an integral part of the wedding. One could also argue that the BFF of the bride has one of the larger roles of the wedding — planning the bachelorette party, being the maid of honor, and dealing with a potential Bridezilla, among other things.

Talk about exhausting. But bride Rebecca Foster and her BFF and maid of honor, Sharilyn Wester, prove that weddings are more than just about celebrating the love between the bride and groom.

The newlyweds were posing for a photo shoot when it was time for Wester to pop in for a veil toss — but she took the pose to another level.

If you’ve never heard of a veil toss photo, you’re not living under a rock. The two women requested this pose to photographer Ashley Hempel, and she had no idea what they meant — until, well, the magical moment revealed itself.

Apparently it was a total surprise planned between Wester and Foster — not even Foster’s groom, James, knew. Ah, the power of female friendship.

“Then she started doing her crazy poses and I just died,” Hempel tells CafeMom. “The whole bridal party was cracking up.”

As for the groom, well, Hempel says that at first he was confused, but then he thought it was funny. “He’s a great sport, and used to their sense of humor by now,” she continues.

The two women have been best friends since after high school, Wester told the Huffington Post.

“I’m originally from Canada but am living in the USA now, so we knew that being together again at her wedding, we had to do something memorable,” she told HuffPost UK.

“We both have the same strange sense of humor,” she continued.

Residents Of Laguna Beach Are Livid Over American Flag Design Added To City’s Police Cars

The police department in Laguna Beach, California, recently updated the logo on its patrol vehicles to include a large American flag.

The bright new theme has caused significant controversy. Some residents think the bright flag is “aggressive,” while others think it’s simply “patriotic.”

The department decided to repaint its 11 mostly white squad cars with the new logo in February.

“Clearly, the way it looks on the car is not what anyone expected it to look like,” Mayor Pro Tem Steve Dicterow told the Los Angeles Times. “I think it’s reasonable that we’re going to look at it again so that whatever we [approve] is exactly what we put on the car.”

The argument is about more than aesthetics, though. It’s also about what the American flag symbolizes these days.

“Some of the words people used was that they felt it was threatening, intimidating, harassing and a symbol of racism,” the mayor pro tem said.

Meanwhile, a lot of people feel the exact opposite way. For them, the American flag is a symbol of pride in the country. City councilman Peter Blake called the debate over the flag a “joke.”

“This is a government vehicle driven by government employees in the United States of America,” he said. “I mean, come on. We can sit hear and talk about this stuff all day long; it’s still a joke.”

It’s unlikely that the country will come to a consensus on patriotism and the American flag anytime soon. In the meantime, the city council voted on Tuesday to keep the current American flag design on the squad cars.

Man Spots Unusual Critters In The Forest, Then Snaps Photos Of The Giant Multicolored Squirrels

With so many different species of animals throughout the world, it’s impossible to be an expert on all of them.

But thankfully, the internet has given us a wonderful way to learn about things we may never lay our own eyes on in person.

An amateur photographer had no idea that when he shared his photos from a trip to India, he’d be teaching people about an animal. Many have never heard of Malabar giant multicolored squirrels, but now plenty are obsessed with the exotic creature.

Kaushik Vijayan was visiting an Indian forest when he first spotted the majestic animals.

Their unusual colors are what makes them so fascinating to look at. The squirrels are black, brown, red, orange, maroon, and purple. He captured some pictures of the pretty critters, which he had also never heard of. He shared the photos to Instagram, where they started going viral.

“The squirrels fascinated me and I got excited to capture this beauty on my camera,” he told SWNS.

These bright, beautiful squirrels look nothing like the ones you’re used to seeing. They are Malabar giant squirrels.

These squirrels are two times the size of an eastern gray squirrel, according to the Dodo. They are about 36 inches from head to tail.

They are locally known as shekru. Their fur features vivid colors, such as maroon and purple, that you don’t usually see in mammals.

Kaushik Vijayan had never heard of the animals before seeing them in an Indian forest.

“The sight was an absolute feast for my eyes,” the amateur photographer told SWNS.

Kaushik captured the photos in Pathanamthitta District in the southern state of Kerala.

“The squirrels fascinated me and I got excited to capture this beauty on my camera,” he explained.

The vibrancy and variety of the animal’s colors can be seen in the sun. They’re also very flexible animals.

Kaushik shared his shots of the beautiful animals on Instagram, where they instantly began going viral. It’s been inspirational for the amateur wildlife photographer.

“The response I see from the people on social media when I post a picture of the giant squirrels fuels my enthusiasm to go out there,” he explained.

It certainly makes you think about appreciating the beauty that nature has to offer!

Moms Call Out Anti-Vax Neighbor With Scathing Letter Of Warning To Other Residents

Measles is making a comeback, not to mention mumps, tetanus, and other diseases once eradicated by vaccines — all thanks to anti-vaxxers!

The anti-vaccine movement puts everyone at risk, but especially those who actually can’t get vaccinated — like, for example, newborn babies. So it makes sense that mothers are among those who most viciously call out the anti-vax movement for how selfish it is.

A group of moms in Wisconsin wrote a scathing letter to the community to call out their anti-vax neighbor. They explained exactly why this neighbor creates a dangerous risk to everyone nearby. The moms listed all of the recent outbreaks of disease across the country, and they pointed out the number of unnecessary deaths caused.

“Nearly all outbreaks of disease were started by unvaccinated individuals, who pass along vaccine-preventable diseases to those without adequate protection,” the letter read. “Protect yourself, your family, and your community by using caution when interacting with these people.”

‘The Curse Of Oak Island’ Treasure Hunter Dan Blankenship Has Passed Away

The Curse of Oak Island continues on, but it will never be the same. The hunt is over for Dan Blankenship who was the senior member of the team. He passed on at the age of 95.

The Curse of Oak Island is reality series that airs on the History network. It first aired in 2014 and is now in its sixth season with no end in sight despite the sad news.

The series tells the story of Marty and Rick Lagina who are originally from Michigan but purchased much of Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada.

There are mysteries surrounding Oak Island that date back to the 1790s. There are stories of buried treasure, artifacts and even unexplained objects. This is what motivated the Lagina brothers to purchase much of the privately owned island. Of course, the island is big and they could not do it all alone, and so they partnered with Dan Blankenship and his son Dave.

“We are saddened by the loss of Dan Blankenship. He will be greatly missed and our thoughts are with his family during this difficult time,” A&E Networks told Fox News in a statement Monday.

No cause of death was listed in an announcement of Blankenship’s death posted to the Friends of Oak Island Facebook page on Monday.

Dan Blankenship had been exploring Oak Island as far back as 1967. By the 1970s, he had formed the Triton Alliance and purchased much of the island.

Dan would gain some notoriety in 1979 when Oak Island and his efforts were featured on an episode of “In Search of…”

Blankenship’s efforts were obstructed through much of the 1980s and 1990s due to various legal battles with people who owned stake in the island. In 2005, the Lagina brothers purchased much of the stake that was not owned by Blankenship. They were also not interested in a contentious relationship but rather want to work with him to expand the search and improve tourism.

Their working together is what allowed The Curse of Oak Island TV show to be created and flourish.

Nevertheless, it will always be the efforts of Dan more than any other individual who kept the wonderment alive. Although no major discoveries have been made yet, the show has revealed a lot of facts about Oak Island that suggest that the theories are much more than just wishful thinking.

This is a sad time for his son, Dave, the rest of his family, his friends and the many fans of the show. Are you a fan? Let us know about your favorite TV moments or any anecdotes that may cheer up those of us saddened by this news.

He Was Hired To Wheel Patients To Their Rooms But Didn’t Realize Cameras Were Recording Him

Lindon Beckford has always gone above and beyond in his line of work. He has been on the job for over 30 years to date, and he has no plans of stopping anytime soon! He loves spreading joy where he works at the hospital. As he transports patients who have just come out of the operation room, he wants them to feel happy and at ease.

He knows that even being transferred back to another room can be very scary for the patients. It can be very nerve-wracking to be rolled down a busy hallway, not knowing exactly where they are going or what is about to happen, so Lindon wants to help. He does his best to make their worries disappear while he is on duty!

He typically tells patients his name and lets them know that he will be their “chauffeur.”

He smiles and takes this opportunity to help ease the fears of his patients with music. He uses music to bring a smile to the patients he is wheeling around. Some of them are just so touched they start to cry! Lindon knows that he doesn’t come to work every day just to perform a job. He wants to be there for the men and women dealing with surgeries and illness in any way that he can. When Lindon started out at this position years ago, he began to sing to patients just to pass the time.

But he quickly realized that they really loved hearing him sing as they were being wheeled from place to place! Today, Lindon takes requests and many of the people he transports even sing along with him as they go!

When he sings to the patients, they feel more at ease. They don’t expect to hear what they do when they are in a place to get an operation or procedure done! They love having something that takes their mind off of what is about to happen. Getting cheered up by Lindon means so very much to them!

You can watch Lindon in action in this amazing video below!

What did you think of Lindon? Did he touch your heart like he did ours? Let us know by leaving a comment!

5-Year-Old Boys Last Words To His Mother Were “I’m So Sorry”

The love a parent has for their child is one of the most intense bonds any human being could have. We bring them into existence and we make it our mission in life to protect them as much as we can.

However some things happen that are beyond our control, and we can’t protect them from it. The world is a dangerous place. There are car crashes, shootings, natural disasters, and illnesses everywhere we look.

This was what the parents of 5-year-old Charlie Procter faced when he was diagnosed with a rare cancer known as hepatoblastoma. This attacks the liver, but in Charlie’s case, it quickly managed to spread to his lungs.

According to iNews, the Lacashire, England-based youth first became ill at the age of 3. It was then reported by People Magazine that the cancer went into remission, but the illness eventually made its way back.

Charlie’s parents have fought desperately to find a cure for their sick child, and they soon came into the national spotlight. Soon a variety of celebrities including Ellen DeGeneres encouraged others to help Charlie’s parents find a cure.

Over 18,000 people donated money to the struggling family, but his health took a turn for the worse in October. Charlie’s mom Amber Schofield took to her Facebook Group, Charlie’s Chapter, to detail her son’s battle.
She wrote that he “deteriorates more and more” with each passing day: so much so that “he no longer looks like Charlie.” He had become rail-thin to the point that his bones were visible. A far cry from what was once a chunky, happy child.

Earlier on today both hospitals had a conference meeting. We knew we could fly because we got given fit to fly on Monday and Dr. Geller also told us if they refuse to give us the letter that he would treat Charlie regardless. We was going to fly out tomorrow before anything become of it and inform you all when we landed. After the meeting I had a miss call and email from Dr. Geller. Dear Amber,I’ve tried calling you but for some reason cannot get through. I will try again when I get to my office, but don’t want to delay feedback as we know you are considering purchasing tickets for travel, so my apologies for the email. Please feel free to call my cell below. We have discussed Charlie’s case this morning – with Drs. Brennan and Eddleton, and given his current liver and kidney function, which is not reversible with any sort of interventional approaches, we have nothing to offer Charlie here in Cincinnati, and thus we discourage travel. At this time, I support Dr. Brennan’s care and guidance she has offered Charlie and your family. I’m terribly sorry that Charlie’s hepatoblastoma is not curable, and hope you can enjoy the time you have with him making memories, and know that you have done and continue to do everything you can to try to help your son. I’m very sorry,Jim‪We ‬called Dr. Geller straight after the email and spoke with him. His liver and kidney functions are not good. They’ve only gone this bad recently, this is why he’s a yellow tint now. We tried to ask if we could still come for him to test them himself but he said no. He wouldn’t want the guilt of taking up time left with Charlie. He’s devastated and sat with me in silence on the phone whilst I cried. He’s been amazing and I know if there was any chance, even the smallest chance that Charlie could be helped he would of told us to still come. Charlie’s fundraising will now stop. We are still going to try and help his liver, we don’t want to give up now. You may all know we’ve done everything to try and help him, from over 40 natural organic treatments, supplements, juicing, telepathic healing and more. We will carry this on and even more in hope we can fix his liver ourselves and fly him out. We won’t give up Charlie 💔Tomorrow we will start organising his “6th birthday party”. He isn’t 6 until April but he’s so longed to be 6 that we have to give him that! It will be at the Brooke’s club where he’s had his previous birthdays. This is really for everyone to come and see him and have their time with him. We will inform everyone of the date when we know. We will be wanting time alone with Charlie and very few family visits so I feel this is the best way for everyone to have a final visit. 💔 Im heartbroken. Every part of my body aches. I just want to curl up in a ball with Charlie and lay there forever. Like I said, we haven’t given up, we will try and use natural treatments more and hopefully help bring his liver back to as normal as possible! You hear of all these miracles, I’m hoping and praying Charlie can be one of them. 💚🙏🏼🤞🏼 We wish to thank everyone for the outpouring of support you have shown for Charlie and our family. It breaks my heart to share this update with you, but there is nothing Cincinnati Children’s can do to help Charlie now. We are grateful for the thoughts and prayers that have come our way. If you do not hear from us directly, please understand that we will be spending our time by Charlie’s side. Thankyou to everyone near and far. You’ve all been truly amazing 💚💔Just a tiny part of our last phone call with Dr Geller. I have spoke with Cincinnati Hospital and have give them our permission to speak to anyone with questions regarding Charlies story. This wasn’t a scam and never was. Only today it was decided that no further help can be done 💔😭

Publicată de Charlie's Chapter. pe Miercuri, 17 octombrie 2018

The most heartbreaking update came right before Charlie’s untimely death. Amber wrote that the illness was taking a toll on him emotionally. The young Charlie told his mom “I don’t know what to do anymore.” It was at then that Amber’s heart broke completely.

Just hours before dying Charlie turned to his mom and told her, “Mummy, I’m so sorry for this.” It was later on that night of November 9 that Charlie passed away in his sleep. He died while wrapped in his heartbroken parents’ loving embrace.
‘He fell asleep peacefully cuddled in my arms with daddy’s arms wrapped around us. Our hearts are aching. The world has lost an incredible little boy.’

After Charlie passed away Amber wrote that he wasn’t just her and her husband’s inspiration, but he’s inspired thousands all over the world. She then wrote that Charlie showed her “what love really means.” She then praised Charlie’s bravery in fighting cancer. “Now it’s time to fly away.”

It’s been 1 week today. I’ve not seen you smile, heard your voice, had your arms wrapped around me or felt your little hands playing with my hair for 7 days. They say time is a healer but I feel as each day goes by the harder it is, the longer it has been since you was here. I miss you baby, I miss everything about you, your laugh, your warm hands in mine, your smell, listening to you breathe, hearing your voice, playing with your feet, watching our favourite films together and so, so much more. My body aches with pain, I just want you back here, we all do. Next week you will have your celebration of life. You gave us and so many people inspiration. You inspired me in so many ways baby. Next week will be so hard, knowing I will never get to see your perfect face or kiss your head goodnight again. You’re little sister will give us the strength to carry on. She will grow up knowing of how amazing her big brother was. I love you so much Charlie. Sleep tight my beautiful baby 💔

Publicată de Charlie's Chapter. pe Vineri, 16 noiembrie 2018

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