Café Owner Hand-Delivers Free Soup To Stranger Undergoing Chemo—And Doesn’t Stop For Whole Year

JC’s Café in Cary, Illinois, serves up fresh batches of its famous homemade soups every day. Hungry customers flock to the café, where the owner, Juan Carlos Beristain, uses only the best local and seasonal ingredients and serves it with a smile.

Noah Dionesotes, 49, lives just down the road from the café. The husband and father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. He has a broken leg and uses a wheelchair, and his days are typically filled with doctor appointments and procedures.

Like many residents of Cary, Noah absolutely loves the delicious and nutritious vegan soup at JC’s Café. But these days, it’s nearly impossible for him to get there and pick some up.

Noah’s mother had been rearranging her days to pick up the soup and bring it to her son, but she couldn’t do it as often as she wanted.

In 2018, Juan Carlos was browsing Facebook when he came across a post about Noah and his medical situation. The post also mentioned how much Noah loves the soup at JC’s Café.

Then one day, Noah heard a knock on the front door. He couldn’t believe it; JC was standing on his porch with multiple cups of fresh vegan soup.

JC refused payment and promised he’d be back on Noah’s doorstep with more. Noah figured the stranger was just being kind and assumed he wouldn’t see him again.

As you’re about to see, Noah was wrong… in the best way possible.

Prison Inmate Released With $2 In Pocket Skips Crucial Job Interview To Save A Bloodied Stranger

Aaron Tucker, 32, was recently released from prison after serving 22 months for a weapons charge. He was so determined to start a new and better chapter — for him and his 21-month-old son.

One week after his release from prison, Aaron was on a bus heading to an important job interview with just $2 in his pocket… but he never made it.

Along the way, he spotted an overturned vehicle ahead of the bus. Concerned, he asked the driver if he was going to help, but the driver said “no.” He also told Aaron he was going to drive off should he exit the bus.

But Aaron didn’t hesitate to do what he knew was right. Within seconds, he was off the bus and running to the car as it began smoking, knowing full well he’d miss his job interview.

With the help of several other Good Samaritans, he found and pulled the driver out of the wreckage. Aaron also took off his dress shirt and wrapped it around the victim’s bleeding head. All the while, he kept talking to him and assuring him he was going to be OK.

Aaron stayed alongside the victim until emergency crews took over. He went home and said a prayer.

But Aaron’s story was far from over. Word about the former inmate’s heroic deed spread quickly around town.

Karin Dale, a complete stranger, set up a GoFundMe page to thank him. In just four days, something truly incredible happened.

If you would like to help Aaron in any way, please visit Karin’s GoFundMe page.

Classmates Secretly Spend 1,500 Hours Making Braille Yearbook For Unsuspecting Blind Teen

RJ Sampson is a senior at Conifer High School in Colorado. RJ loves going to school, but since he’s visually impaired, he has never been able to read or enjoy his yearbooks.

On the last day of freshman year, RJ asked his study hall teacher one simple question as he walked out the door.

“When are you going to make me a braille yearbook?”

His teacher, Leslie Thompson, thought it was a great idea but didn’t think it was possible. Normal yearbooks were already a huge undertaking for her yearbook class, let alone transposing a braille version.

Several years passed by, and RJ’s classmates just weren’t able to make it happen for the hopeful teen.

That was, until RJ’s senior year, when everything and everyone started to really come together.

Leslie, the vision team, and the yearbook committee spent more than 1,500 tireless hours on RJ’s special yearbook — and he had no idea.

In the video below, the editor-in-chief of the yearbook committee stands up before the entire student body and makes a tear-jerking announcement.

Mom Begs For Help When Daughter’s Room Becomes So Disastrous That She Sleeps On Brother’s Floor

Ann was in desperate need of help. Her 21-year-old daughter, Christina, had recently graduated college and was still living at home — and treating her bedroom like a pigsty.

The giant heaps and countless piles of clothes, trash, and boxes were literally pushing Christina out of her room. It got so bad that she resorted to sleeping on the floor in her younger brother’s room!

With the help of the Rachael Ray Show, organization expert Peter Walsh stepped in to assess Christina’s space and transform it entirely.

Even Peter described Christina’s room as “terrifying.” He noted that clutter can accumulate over time and become so overwhelming that people don’t even know how to begin the cleaning process.

First, Peter had Christina group everything she owned into three separate categories: keep, donate, and trash.

He then offered a piece of helpful advice: to completely reassess all belongings every five years and get rid of anything you don’t need or want anymore.

But before you make any snap judgments, wait until Christina reveals the deep-rooted and heartbreaking reason she had such a difficult time throwing away her unnecessary belongings.

‘You’ll never see your daughter again’: What wicked father said to mother of his three-year-old girl before locking terrified child in back of a burning car and sprinting away as she roasted to death

The father of a three-year-old girl burned alive in a car with its doors chained shut allegedly told the child’s mother: ‘You’ll never see your daughter again’ just before her tragic death.

Zoey Pereira’s mother Cherone Coleman spoke out on Monday night hours after her daughter’s charred body was pulled from the backseat of a blazing Audi A6 in Queens the night before.

‘I always thought he was going to hurt me,’ Coleman, 36, said of her estranged husband and Zoey’s father Martin Pereira.

‘I never thought he was going to hurt my daughter.’

Surrounded by grieving loved ones in front of her home in Springfield Gardens, Coleman said: ‘My daughter was perfect. She was loving, always smiling, and oh so caring. She was my only child, and I can’t have any more.’

Martin Pereira, the father of a three-year-old named Zoey who was burned alive in a car with its doors chained shut, allegedly told the girl’s mother Cherone Coleman: ‘You’ll never see your daughter again’ just before her tragic death

Coleman told The New York Daily News that she and Pereira had been embroiled in a bitter custody battle over Zoey in recent weeks.

The mother said she had tried to modify their visitation agreement to block Pereira from seeing the girl as he became increasingly vindictive, but the court ruled against her.

Pereira was subsequently allowed to watch Zoey over the weekend with the court’s blessing. It was only the second time he’d been entrusted with the young girl since he and Coleman split.

Coleman has now said she wishes she had disobeyed the judge and blocked Pereira from taking her daughter.

‘I should’ve just kept her and gone to jail,’ she said Monday.

Describing a call with Pereira on Sunday morning, Coleman said: ‘Just before he burned my daughter he called saying crazy things.

‘I couldn’t even understand some of them, but he said: “Do I have your attention now, bitch? I got your attention now, bitch. You’re never going to see your daughter again.”‘

Police responded to reports of a car burning in the middle of the street by Baisley Boulevard and 155th Street at around 9pm Sunday.

The Audi’s back doors had been chained shut, but the heat from the blaze melted the handle, which allowed firefighters to open the door and grab the girl.

That’s when the man in the front seat, who had been driving erratically beforehand, sprinted out of the car. The driver was believed to be Pereira, 39.

‘This guy was fully engulfed in flames,’ one witness told the New York Daily News.

‘I heard a boom, like something explode. When I came out, I saw smoke,’ added witness Lisa Silvera.

Authorities found Pereira hiding in Baisley Park Pond a few hundred feet from where his daughter burned alive.

A police source told the New York Post: ‘The only reason [officers] found him was that a piece of his clothing was on fire. He was stripped down to his underwear.’

Pereira was treated for second- and third-degree burns before being taken into custody. He has not yet been charged in Zoey’s death, which was ruled a homicide on Monday.

Hours before Zoey was killed, Pereira shared a photo of the youngster sitting in what appears to be a hair salon on Facebook.

He had previously posted several photos of himself with Zoey alone and with her mother.

Two of Zoey’s aunts decried her death while standing outside of the mother’s home on Monday.

‘He did that to her. That’s not even human, that’s an animal,’ one of the aunts said, according to the Post.

The other added: ‘Hopefully he dies. I’m just being honest. I hope he dies.’

These Identical Twin Sisters Get Pregnant At The Same Time Then Doctors Hit Them With A Curveball

A set of twin sisters gave birth twice to two separate sets of twins. Experts claim that twins run in families but this is simply remarkable.

Kelli Wall and Kerri Bunker have always been close. The bond of these twin sisters were strengthened even more when they both became pregnant with twins. Kerri has a set of four-year-old twins—a boy and a girl—while Kelli is kept busy with her own five-year-old twin girls.

And then the unthinkable happened when both women became pregnant with twins again. Their children were the most excited family members, taking the time to kiss the growing bellies and to help to set up the nursery. How could you not get excited about the arrival of four new babies?

The new sets of twins were born just a few weeks apart from each other. Kelli gave birth to her babies eight weeks early and Kerri’s new twins made their entrance about one month before the due date.

Things must now be extra chaotic during family get-togethers. But it is surely worth it when you have not one, not two, not three, but FOUR new babies around. The four big siblings definitely need to help out now as their mothers juggle the demands of twin babies.

This amazing family will leave you smiling from ear to ear. After you have watched this precious video, be sure to spread the love to all of your friends and family.

Marine Sees Newborn Son For The First Time Ever, Breaks Down In Tears Before He Even Reaches Him

Life goes on for families of deployed military professionals. While soldiers serving their country overseas do their best to stay in touch, they often miss out on major milestone events. For Marine Corporal Brandon Crespo, this event was the birth of his son.

Brandon’s wife, Francis, progressed through most of her pregnancy without the hands-on support of her husband. Some months, the expecting couple could only communicate once or twice.

Throughout her husband’s 6-month deployment, Francis managed the home front while also nurturing her body and their growing baby.

When Francis went into labor on June 13, Brandon was able to listen to the events unfolding over the phone and offer some verbal encouragement and support to his wife. However, he could only see pictures of his son until his deployment ended. Finally, the day arrived when Brandon was scheduled to return home to his family in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Francis dressed their son, Noah, in a cute outfit. When she arrived at the military base for the big homecoming celebration with Noah in her arms, she held up a sign that stated, “Out of my way! I meet by daddy today!”

Video footage of the homecoming showed Brandon running toward his wife and infant son, but the intense emotion of the event overtook him. Before he could reach his family, Brandon slowed down as he covered his face and began sobbing. Francis decided to share this special event with family and friends through social media.

When she looked at her account only a few days later, she was surprised to see how many people were also touched by this special reunion. Altogether, the video had more than 17 million views within those first few days.

Do you have experience being separated from a family member for an extended period of time? We would love to hear about the reunion, so please provide a few details about your special event in the area below.

Teenager Returns Lost Wallet To Veteran, Only To Get A Text Message From His Mother Afterwards

You’re walking along one day and happen upon a wallet. It isn’t just any wallet; it’s a wallet stuffed with thousands of dollars in cash. Would you leave the money inside and attempt to find the rightful owner of the wallet or take the money and run? That is the question that one Fremont, California was forced to ask himself.

Irvington High School senior Tommy O’Connor thought that he was going to enjoy a typical lunch break from school when he happened across the wallet. Tommy purchased a soda and as he was leaving the store, noticed the lost wallet. The teen picked up the wallet without ever looking through its contents.

Many people, in today’s day and age, struggle to make end’s meet and keep a roof over their head and would be tempted to keep the money and throw away the wallet.

Tommy, however, isn’t a typical teen.

He took the wallet and gave it to his para-educator, Ana Gomez, when he returned to school. Gomez opened the wallet and searched the contents, hoping to identify its owner. Ana found a total of $2,300 inside of the wallet and a Veteran’s identification card.

Ana then took the wallet and its contents to the school principal, Sarah Smoot, and together they reached out to find the owner.

Word of Tommy’s good deed traveled fast, and his mother heard the news before the school day had even ended. She sent her son a text message and praised his integrity.

“I got a call from the school,” his mother said via SMS; “You are one in a million, and I love you to the moon and back.”

Tommy’s father, Ron O’Connor, also expressed pride in his son’s actions:

Tommy’s principal was able to find the owner and when she delivered the wallet, learned that the money inside was intended to pay the man’s rent. He subsequently gave Tommy $50 as a reward for his good deed.

Watch the whole story in the video below:

Has this ever happened to you? Every penny counts in today’s world and many people would have kept the money and thrown the wallet away. Let’s spread the word to make Tommy O’Connor a “feel-good hero! by showing the video to our loved ones”

Pregnant Wife Was Internally Decapitated After Devastating Car Accident

There are many fears people have in life. Death, drowning, plane crash, etc. When a new member of your family is coming, your fears heighten. While pregnant, everyone is concerned about the baby and how to best protect it from harm until it arrives in the world. Even after the baby is born, the family will care for it.

Sometimes bad things happen in life. We generally accept that as humans. But other times, our world is completely and utterly destroyed by one single event. Zach and Krystal Kincaid were happily married. They were expecting a child in the upcoming months. While Zach was on a business trip in San Jose, his wife decided to come home early to pack the school lunches for their four children. Her back was hurting as well, just another reason why she wanted to get home and ease her pain.

Krystal was driving back home while she was talking to her husband. Nothing unusual, just a regular conversation. That is until the unimaginable happened. A drunk driver crashed into Krystal’s car. Zach was still on the line with her when it was taking place.

He heard her scream, then the crash, then silence.
Unknown voices were heard as civilians and firefighters made it to the scene of the accident. Zach yelled through his phone trying to get any updates about his wife. He was informed that they would be flying her to a hospital and she had a pulse.

Zach took the earliest flight out the next day but did not get there until 12 hours after the accident. The doctors had to update him via phone.

The doctors performed an emergency c-section on Krystil. The baby came out without a pulse. The doctors did everything in their power to revive her. They hadn’t gotten to her in time. The little girl was pronounced dead.

Krystil’s condition worsened as time progressed. She was suffering from internal bleeding. The doctors thought she might bleed to death.

Zach finally made it to the hospital at 9 a.m. He saw them run tests on her. He screamed for her to wake up and to come back.

Unfortunately, Krystil was pronounced dead as well.

Krystil signed up to be an organ donor when she was 17 years old. The organ donor center came after she was declared dead. Zach couldn’t believe what was going on. He fought the hospital for days trying to find ways to bring her back. If it was oxygen deprivation or swelling of the brain, surely they could do something. He phoned doctors from around the world and was willing to pay anything to keep her alive.

It wasn’t until he found out she had suffered an internal decapitation that he gave up. The hospital didn’t want to tell Zach about it because they thought he would react poorly and that it was too soon. On the contrary, he finally agreed to let her organs be used for donation.

Five lives were saved due to her donation and someone can now see. The baby couldn’t give any of its organs away.

One of the hardest parts to all of this was telling his children. They thought they would greet their new baby sister, instead, they lost two family members. The eldest son had been hopeful, the middle children rebelled, and the youngest thought Krystil would come back as a zombie.

The family will be seeking counselors to help them through their grief.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the driver turned out to be an arrogant jerk. While he was driving under the influence and over 80 miles per hour, he decided to record the whole thing. In the background, you can even see Krystil’s car on fire.

Mack Forestal posted the video on social media for everyone to see. Zach believed he should be charged with second-degree murder for both his wife and his child. The California courts argued the baby was born and alive for 45 minutes, therefore, he can’t be charged. As for Krystil, there is no proven intent for him wanting to kill her. Zach argues him driving recklessly while being under the influence should be enough to prove intent. Mack knew he would get drunk at the party yet drove himself home anyway.

Mack is currently free and out on bail despite the horrendous act he committed. Zach is upset that California law does not see his child as a person. The baby was born and could have lived a life.

Instead of lashing out, Zach is seeking to do something about these unjust laws. He knows that Krystil would want him to be happy and continue living. He wants to honor her and Ava, their late daughter, as best as he possibly can.

Zach always thought he would die before Krystil and the kids. Ever since he was 16, he has had a heart condition called arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia. At any moment of his life, his heart can just die out of nowhere. There was no cure or treatment that can prevent this from happening. That’s what he thought. He found a treatment that could possibly help reverse the effects. Unfortunately, it was not covered by his insurance.

Zach and Krystil had been saving up money in order to obtain the treatment. Zach had been preparing Krystil and the kids for the worst case scenario if the treatment didn’t work.

The funeral he thought he never would have to see came true. He held Ava for the first time at the funeral.

Zach warns anyone who is considering drinking and driving not to. The risks are too high and lives can be lost. He hopes people can take away this from his story.

Tell us what you thought of Zach’s story in the comments below.

As A 90 Year-Old Widow Faces $2K In Fines, Strangers Come To Her Backyard To Help

Within societies across the United States, the elderly add great value after having obtained years of wisdom and experience. The younger counterparts growing in the community learn a lot from the elderly through advice given in conversation as they grow to a developed age. It is our responsibility to make sure the older generation in our neighborhoods are taken care of. There is a lot we can take away from being in the presence of the elderly.

Many are equipped with a plethora of wisdom and information to pass on to the younger generations, however their bodily strength isn’t where it once was. Sometimes help is needed to accomplish tasks that demand more strength from the body.

Agnes has been living alone for years. When she reached the age of 90, help was one thing she was in dire need of.

Trash and other items were filling her yard, as a result of her family using it as dump grounds. Not only were items covering her yard, but they also reeked of a terrible odor.

As a result of the terrible sight, her neighbors began to complain to the city authorities. The city informed Agnes that if the mess was not cleaned up she would have to pay a fine of $2,500 a day until it was cleared.

Though the public was complaining about the appearance and smell of her yard, her home was suffering from downfall as well.

It was falling apart and living there in a healthy manner was proving to be a challenge for Agnes. The roof of her house had fallen apart, her air conditioning had stopped working and animals were freely coming and going.

Agnes wanted to clean the mess from her yard, but her physical condition would not allow her to complete such a large task on her own. Walking was a challenge for her. Her husband had passed away and there was no one close by to lend a helping hand.

As a result of having no one there to help, Agnes reached out to Operation Blessing. This organization had been described as one to offer disaster relief, medical and health care, hunger relief, community development along with a number of other services for human need.

Operation Blessing instantly came to her aid after hearing the story of her suffering. They would clear her backyard and break down the broken shed and trailer that were also located on her property. The wonderful organization of Operation Blessing came to the need of Agnes and were able to save her from future debt and a very stressful situation harmful to her health.

How would you have handled this stressful situation? What do you think of Operation’s Blessing’s act of kindness? We were impressed! Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and spread the love by showing this video to your friends and family.