Mother Is Pregnant With Twins But As Father Grabs The Camera It Leaves Him Speechless

A dad-to-be caught some amazing footage of his pregnant wife’s baby bump. The couple, who are expecting twins, knew that babies are active in the womb, but they had no idea how active twins could be.

Babies start moving in the womb long before an expectant mother can feel it. They stretch, flip over and wiggle their developing limbs as early as the eighth week of gestation.

According to Today’s Parent, the first noticeable fetal movements are called “quickening.” Quickening often feels like popcorn popping, muscles twitching or gas moving about in the stomach.

First-time moms usually notice quickening anywhere from the 16th to the 22nd week of gestation. If you’ve already delivered a baby, you might notice quickening as early as 12 weeks into your pregnancy. Your abdominal wall relaxes earlier if you’ve been pregnant before. This allows you to feel fetal movement sooner than first-time mothers.

As a baby grows, their kicks become more noticeable. By 28 weeks, your family and friends will be able to feel the baby kick. Babies at this stage of development should move at least six times an hour.

Eventually, babies start to run out of space in the womb. They move less, but the movements they make are more dramatic. It’s not uncommon to see the outline of an arm or foot when the baby stretches.

If single babies run out of space, things must be especially tight for twins. The mom in the video below is lucky she was lying on her side when her twins started moving. These powerful “kicks” might have been enough to make her lose her balance!

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