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Doctor delivers triplets – then last baby emerges and everybody freezes: she’s still in her cocoon

With the majority of women giving birth to one baby at a time, twins, triplets and any more seem like a miracle to most of us. But, one woman really can claim a miracle when she gave birth to her triplets.

What happened to this lady was something the doctors and delivery staff around her will probably never see again in their lifetime. Thankfully it was captured on film. The images are amazing but not for the faint hearted.

The amniotic sac surrounds us in the womb ensuring a protective layer; it’s a protective yolk-like sac that forms around the baby in the early stages of development and provides nourishment. When it’s time for baby to enter the world it breaks free of the sac, as it’s no longer required.

In this case two of these rare triplets were born still in their amniotic sac or en-caul. It’s not dangerous and the doctor can easily pop it like a balloon but it’s extremely rare.

Dr. Rodrigo da Rosa Filho delivered a boy Joaquim, who was born with an intact sac and was quickly freed but his sweet sister Adeline, who was also en-caul, was sound asleep and the doctor didn’t have the heart to wake her.

Staff waited patiently and eventually she was ready to open her eyes!

Approximately 1 in 80,000 births are en-caul, with the majority of them being earlier-than-expected deliveries. It these cases it’s actually a good thing, because experts believe that being immersed inside the sac actually helps protect premature babes against mom’s strong contractions.

You can even see the nurse tickling the baby girl’s feet and even that doesn’t wake her, she’s very content in her protective sac.

In a translation of the doctor’s Instagram post, he tells everyone:

“Yesterday we birthed the triplets! And Joaquim was born veiled (when the waters/sac does not break). We were delighted. But then came Adeline…she was also born en caul, and left us all admiring her as she slept soundly. We stayed (that way) for seven minutes observing her behavior as if it were still inside her belly. It’s the magic of life.”

It took seven minutes before Adeline was finally ready to make her grand entrance. But she had already entertained staff with her amazing slumber while still in her sac.

Watch the video of the miracle baby below. Human life is a remarkable thing.

Em bé chào đời vẫn nằm ngủ ngon lành trong túi ối, các bác sĩ phải "gọi" mãi mới dậy

Đoạn video được đăng trên trang cá nhân của bác sĩ Rodrigo da Rosa Filho ghi lại khoảnh khắc bé đã chào đời nhưng không vỡ ối như bình thường mà vẫn nằm trọn vẹn trong túi ối có thể nói là sự kì diệu và hiếm thấy trong y khoa.Video cho thấy bé vẫn ngủ ngon lành chẳng khác gì khi còn trong bụng mẹ mặc cho các bác sĩ xoa lưng, gãi chân gãi tai bé ngay bên ngoài màng ối để đánh thức.Thật đáng yêu các mẹ nhỉ!

Posted by Hello Bacsi on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

This footage is so rare and we’re so lucky that Dr. Rodrigo da Rosa Filho has shared it with the world. Please continue to spread this amazing footage and share with all those who you think would appreciate it.

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How to protect your pet from mango worms

Recently, a “mango worm” dog infestation has been reported locally, whereas it was previously not found in this region.

The fly that lay the larva is common in the northern parts of South Africa but according to veterinarian Dr Elizna Boag, a growing number of infestations in Pretoria, Kempton Park, Boksburg and Centurion has been reported in recent summer months.

She said cutaneous myiasis is an infection that occurs when the fly lays eggs near or on the skin of a host.

When the larvae hatch, they require a final host to complete their growth.

“These larvae can penetrate the skin in less than 25 seconds. After 10 – 12 days boil-like lesions will develop, the grown larva will exit the skin and pupate in soil to further develop into an adult mango fly.”

She said the hosts include dogs and rodents most often, and sometimes humans.

Boag further warned that hot humid conditions were the ideal climate for the fly to be active – exactly the weather conditions experienced in the Pretoria region over the last few months.

She advised residents in affected areas to iron their clothes properly to prevent this infection and remove animal faeces or anything that could attract flies from the area as soon as possible.

“Ironing destroys any fly eggs that may have been laid on the garments,” she said.

“In dogs, the only real way of preventing the condition is to use fly repellents.

“Be sure to ask your veterinarian which products are safe and effective for use on dogs.

“Bedding needs to be washed in hot water, and then tumble dried or ironed.

“Should infestation take place regardless of measures taken to prevent it, or you suspect that your dog may be affected, take your pet to your veterinarian as soon as possible.”

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A girl went on a Tinder date with absolutely no clothes on!

A tinder date with no clothes!? Jen The Body Painter is back. This time we can see a girl who wears pretty much nothing while she is on a date… with a guy she met on Tinder!

Some of us may know Tinder – the dating app.

This app is very convenient in finding a date. However, this time, a body painter tried a new challenge unlike any before. She went on a date without any clothes on, wearing just body painting!

Look how things were going on!

Our model needs a preparation and this one must be careful in order to make sure that no one will notice that she is not wearing any clothes..

Our model looked like this when the process was finished:

At first, everything was good and the Tinder guy didn’t notice anything.

Later, a group of her fan recognized her and the trick was revealed.

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Moving lump in woman’s face was a worm, doctors say

The parasite, a cousin of heartworm, is found in Europe, Africa and Asia and can grow to as long as six inches.

A woman mystified by itchy, moving lumps on her face got a surprising and somewhat horrifying diagnosis: they were made by a worm.

The 32-year-old woman likely caught the worm, a type of nematode, when she was bitten by mosquitoes in a rural area outside Moscow, her doctor said.

“She had first noted a nodule below her left eye. Five days later, it had moved to above her left eye, and 10 days after that to the upper lip,” Dr. Vladimir Kartashev of Rostov State Medical University in Russia wrote in a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine.

“She documented these changes by taking photographs of her face (i.e., ‘selfies’),” added Kartashev, who wrote in to describe the case along with parasitologist Fernando Simon of the University of Salamanca in Spain.

“The nodules occasionally caused a localized itching and burning sensation, but otherwise she had no symptoms.”

Doctors pulled the worm out and identified it as Dirofilaria repens, a type of nematode that usually affects animals such as dogs and cats. But mosquitoes can pick it up and carry it to people on occasion.

The parasite, a cousin of heartworm, is found in Europe, Africa and Asia and can grow to as long as six inches. It’s usually harmless, although it can cause an allergic reaction in animals.

Usually, the physical damage is minimal and pulling the worm out does the trick. But patients can sometimes have severe reactions. A German tourist developed a severe brain inflammation called meningoencephalitis after he caught the same species of parasite in India or Sri Lanka, according to a 2009 report.

The patient in Russia fared better. “After removal of the worm, the patient had a full recovery,” Kartashev and Simon wrote.

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Furious Landlord Gathers Up Mess Left Behind By Irresponsible Tenants, Dumps In Front Of New Home

Landlords have to deal with the best and worst in tenants. Most of them are respectful, paying their rent on time. Then there are the ones who leave a mess, get rude, and forget to pay the rent.

Thomas Ravaux, of Rozoy-sur-Serre in Aisne, France, had to deal with some rude tenants who refused to pay rent for over a year.

This French landlord’s tenants left behind a massive mess when they finally left the rental unit. Ravaux found everything from empty boxes to a dirty litter box. He had had enough.

Ravaux knew where his former tenants had moved, so he decided it was time for some revenge

He cleaned out all the tenants’ mess and loaded into a dump truck. Then he went for a little drive. Ravaux pulled up to the front door of his former tenants’ new home and unloaded the entire dump truck’s contents on their porch. Nothing was left behind.

The pile of debris was quite impressive and it just kept growing as the dump truck continued to do its job.
He was able to get a taste of sweet revenge that landlords don’t often get to experience with such tenants. His level of satisfaction was quite high

He was actually being nice and returning all their stuff to them. The only problem was that they weren’t expecting it. Ravaux took photos of the entire operation and posted it to social media. The photos show just how filthy the tenants had left the rental unit

He commented on the photos, shaming the parents for living in such filth with three kids and leaving it behind for him to clean up. He also wished the new landlord luck in dealing with them.

Of course, readers loved the video he shot of the dump truck dump. It’s a solemn reminder not to mess with a revenge-seeking landlord who has access to a dump truck. What did you think of this landlord’s actions? Would you do the same? Have you had any similar experiences? We want to hear your stories. Pass this along to any landlord friends you might have!

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Kind-Hearted Man Buys All The Candy From Boy That Was Harassed By Old Lady

Some old people can become somewhat histeric when they reach a certain age. This due to changes related to old age and the way in which they begin to perceive their environment, wanting it to be of complete peace and harmony, so moving a simple adornment of your grandmother can cost you even expensive. Even so, this does not justify the behavior of this old woman, which is very affected only by seeing this child selling candy on the facade of a store.

In this short video we can see how a 14 year old boy was selling candy outside Target in Rowland Heights, California, USA, when an older woman approached the boy and began to ask him if he had a license to be there selling candy. After a while, the woman started screaming and harassing the boy. A group of people began to form around them and a man intervened and told the woman that what she was doing was not right.

The old woman made a big scandal for something that did not seem to be that important, this started attracting the crowd with her screams as if she were happening a big tragedy, but all we can see is a scared child trying to make some money. Everyone proved to agree with the man and told the old woman to leave the boy alone. The man who was arguing with the older woman then asked the boy how much it would cost him to buy all the candy he had in the box. What was not shown in the video was how the man left the store with the money and bought all the candy. Fantastic!

Live and let live. If something someone is doing doesn’t concern you and no one is being harmed, why should you care about this? This lady took it too far. Maybe she didn’t take her aspirin that day or she was very stressed and attacked this boy one, but the good thing is that there was no shortage of people defending this child; reminding us that we must be more human in this world where unfortunately there are people like this old woman.

Sometimes we have to put ourselves in the shoes of others and think for a second the need they may have. There are many children in street situation, who for some reason have no other income than the money they have selling candy or cleaning windshields at traffic lights, either because they are orphans, their parents are very sick or simply have been abandoned at their mercy. Their life can be very difficult in itself, so that some soulless person can come to criticize the work they do honestly in order to survive.

What would be the right thing to do, to help those who deserve it or to be the bad guy in history and to take away the desire to work from someone who is not a criminal?

What do you think of the reaction of this non-adorable old woman? Let us know in the comments section! This kid definitely didn’t deserve to be treated like that whatsoever.

A kid was selling candy outside of Target in Rowland Heights, CA, USA, when an older woman came up to the boy and started asking him if he had a license to be there. After a while the woman started yelling and harassing the young kid. A group of people started to form around them and a man stepped in and told the woman that what she was doing was not right.

Everyone in the crowd started to agree with the man and told her to leave the young kid alone. The man who was arguing with the older woman then asked the kid how much all of the candy was. It all came out to about $80. What was not shown in the video was how the man walked back out of the store with the money and bought all of the candy. To prove that he wasn’t playing a trick on us, he started giving candy to everyone who was in the crowd.

What would have you done if you saw someone harassing a kid that was just trying to earn some money? Let us know in the comment section! This kid definitely didn’t deserve to be treated like that whatsoever.

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Ouch! Guy records intense muscle cramps in his leg after a workout

Angel Bermudez recorded intense muscle cramps in his leg after a workout.

Muscle spasms occur when your muscles contract involuntarily. This occurrence can be both painful and alarming, especially when you have just finished an exercise routine and may be concerned that you have experienced a muscle injury. While not typically cause for concern, muscle spasms can indicate the need for improved muscle conditioning or nutrition before and during an exercise session.

Muscle spasms that occur after exercise tend to have two chief causes. The first is muscle fatigue. If you are resuming an exercise program or sport after a break, your muscles may not be prepared to work at the level they were previously capable of sustaining, which can result in overload and spasms. The second cause is dehydration from lost sweat during your exercise session. Along with water, your sweat contains sodium, a mineral needed to keep your muscles functioning properly. If you lose too much water and salts through sweat during your exercise session, you may experience pain.

If you have experienced muscle cramps in the past, take preventive measures before future exercise sessions. These can include drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day and increasing your fluid intake before, during and after your workout. If the temperature is very hot or you know you will be exercising intensely, try drinking an electrolyte-containing beverage, which has salts that can help to replenish lost sodium. A good five- to 10-minute stretching session following your warm-up can help to loosen your muscles. You also should stretch after your exercise routine.

If you do experience post-workout muscle spasms, take a few extra moments to stretch the muscle. This can help relieve tension and tightness that can result from cramping. If you are currently experiencing a spasm, a heating pad also may soothe the cramping muscle. However, if you are dealing with soreness after a spasm, ice is a better anti-inflammatory choice. Continue to drink water or electrolyte-replacing beverages after your workout to ease dehydration. Taking a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, such as ibuprofen or naproxen, also can help reduce pain and inflammation after the muscle cramp.

If you experience muscle cramping that does not go away after several hours or keeps recurring, seek medical treatment. Extremely painful muscle cramps also may warrant medical attention. Frequent muscle cramping can indicate a mineral imbalance, including calcium, potassium or magnesium deficiencies. Muscle spasms also can be the result of impaired nerve or brain function.

Check out full video here:

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Shocking face of newborn baby who looks 80-years-old

A real life ‘curious case of Benjamin Button’ has emerged following the birth of a baby boy who looks like an 80-year-old man.

The baby was born in the district of Magura, Bangladesh, on Sunday. Local doctors, who have been left stunned, say the baby suffers from a rare condition called progeria.

The baby boy has wrinkles on the face, has a very shrunken body and hollow eyes.

“The baby does not look like a new born at all. There are prominent sings of ageing such a excessive wrinkles and rough skin texture,” said a doctor who has been treating the baby.

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Mother Is Pregnant With Twins But As Father Grabs The Camera It Leaves Him Speechless

A dad-to-be caught some amazing footage of his pregnant wife’s baby bump. The couple, who are expecting twins, knew that babies are active in the womb, but they had no idea how active twins could be.

Babies start moving in the womb long before an expectant mother can feel it. They stretch, flip over and wiggle their developing limbs as early as the eighth week of gestation.

According to Today’s Parent, the first noticeable fetal movements are called “quickening.” Quickening often feels like popcorn popping, muscles twitching or gas moving about in the stomach.

First-time moms usually notice quickening anywhere from the 16th to the 22nd week of gestation. If you’ve already delivered a baby, you might notice quickening as early as 12 weeks into your pregnancy. Your abdominal wall relaxes earlier if you’ve been pregnant before. This allows you to feel fetal movement sooner than first-time mothers.

As a baby grows, their kicks become more noticeable. By 28 weeks, your family and friends will be able to feel the baby kick. Babies at this stage of development should move at least six times an hour.

Eventually, babies start to run out of space in the womb. They move less, but the movements they make are more dramatic. It’s not uncommon to see the outline of an arm or foot when the baby stretches.

If single babies run out of space, things must be especially tight for twins. The mom in the video below is lucky she was lying on her side when her twins started moving. These powerful “kicks” might have been enough to make her lose her balance!

What did you think of this video? Have you ever seen anything like this before? Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass this video along to your friends and loved ones – everyone should see this!

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