Actor Keanu Reeves has been secretly funding children’s hospitals around the world

Some actors do good deeds but never make headlines for their kind gestures or they do they secretly because giving is not about recognition.

Over the years multiple sources have come forward to call out Keanu Reeves for his giving generosity.

Many people who participate in random acts of kindness do so rather craftily, by reserving their benevolence for those they know will one day be of use to them and perhaps return the favor.

But according to one redditor, Reeves makes a point to help out those who can’t help themselves.

“Back in the late 90s and fresh out of college I got my first job as an assistant prop designer on the set of Chain Reaction (Keanu was a supporting actor with Morgan Freeman),” bo2dd2 wrote on Reddit.

“EVERY DAY for the last few weeks of filming, Keanu treated the stage hands and “grunt workers” (including myself) by taking us out for free breakfast and lunch. He was genuinely a very nice guy to work with.”

“Since then, I’ve worked on about 30 different sets and have never met an actor as generous and friendly as him.

Most actors I’ve seen and worked with are total d——- who always think they are better than us. Keanu on the other hand, at the very least, was socially approachable and definitely kindhearted.”

Having seen cancer up close and personal when his sister battled Leukemia, Reeves knows how draining the disease and also the treatment can be.

According to Snopes, in 2009 he told Ladies’ Home Journal that he’s been doing his part to fund research and help children fight cancer.

Keanu Reeves runs a private charitable foundation to fund cancer research and children’s hospitals. In 2009, he told…

Publicată de Kickin' Cancer pe Duminică, 5 august 2018

“I have a private foundation that’s been running for five or six years, and it helps aid a couple of children’s hospitals and cancer research,” he said.

“I don’t like to attach my name to it, I just let the foundation do what it does.”

According to the Daily Mail, Reeves has even shared $100 million with the special effects team and costuming department that worked on The Matrix trilogy.

Others on Reddit chimed in with their own experiences, citing the many times Reeves gave rides to people with car troubles and gifted large bonuses to people who had fallen on tough times.

Not everyone has the wealth to give like Keanu Reeves does, but not everyone who has the wealth has the heart to give either.

By these accounts, this man is not only a famous for his acting, but he is a kind, humble, and generous human being. The world needs more people like him.

Prince William and Duchess Kate sent out their most casual Christmas card to date

It’s not every day that people send mail through the actual post office anymore. Most of the “mail” that we receive comes in the form of email while our physical mailbox is filled with bills and ads from stores…except for a certain time of year.

Christmas cards have certainly not gone out of fashion. December is probably the only month when we find multiple cards from family and friends waiting for us in our mailbox. There’s something special about opening them.

All of the card styles are so different too, and it’s always interesting to see who chose what kind of card to send. Some people write long letters summarizing their year. Some people buy a box of cards and sign their name inside.

The type of Christmas card that seems to be more and more popular every year is the type where you customize it with photos of your family. That’s why everyone seems to be scrambling to have professional family photos taken in early Fall.

The royals seem to love the family photo-type Christmas card too. Prince William and Duchess Kate, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan and Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla have all released their holiday cards for the year, and they couldn’t be more different.

All three couples chose to use a family photo on their cards, but their choice of photo says a lot about their differences.

William and Kate’s Christmas card looks a lot like the ones we commonly find in our mailbox this time of year. It features the happy couple along with their children posed together smiling at the camera.

The backdrop is scenic, taken at their home, and their clothes are casual yet coordinated. It looks effortless, understated and not especially fancy or “royal.”

Charles and Camilla’s photo was taken on a warm summery day. They’re looking at each other instead of at the camera. It has the feel of a candid shot, but we’re sure it was posed.

Then there’s the first ever Christmas card photo of Harry and Meghan as husband and wife.

There are no smiling faces staring at the camera. The photo isn’t even in color. The couple chose a previously unreleased wedding photo, and it’s true Hollywood glam.

To see the photos for all three Christmas cards, watch the video below.

Which royal Christmas card photo do you like the best? What kind of Christmas card do you send to family and friends?

New blood test can detect cancer in the body in just 10 minutes

Wonderful health news is on the horizon in the world of cancer diagnostics. Researchers have developed a test that can detect the presence of cancer in the DNA within 10 minutes.

Scientists at the University of Queensland, Australia have homed in one what is being called a “universal cancer biomarker” that is easily identifiable with an inexpensive, portable test that could someday be accessed with a mobile phone. Their findings were published in the journal, Nature.

The simple blood test focuses on finding cancerous cells in the DNA after they have died off and begun circulating in the bloodstream. It’s been discovered that these particular cells have a unique structure that differs from normal, healthy cells, which is marked by clusters of methyl groups.

What researchers have found is that those clusters – exclusive to cancer cells – cling easily to gold. Therefore, the test utilizes nanoparticles of gold for detection. One drop is all it takes and if cancer is present, the nanoparticles change color.

No microscope is needed. So far, 200 samples have been tested for human cancer types and healthy cells. The test has had a 90% accuracy rate, giving researchers hope that this will lead to early detection and as a result, earlier treatment.

The majority of cancer deaths are due to late stage detection. With this new technology, who knows how many lives can be saved?

This test costs less than typical biopsies used to diagnose cancer and although it’s not yet available to the medical community, it can be a real game-changer.

What do you think about this promising news? Would you be on board with routine use of this test?

Homeless man was admitted to a hospital, and his 4 stray dog friends waited patiently at the door

Even if you’re not an animal lover, you just might shed a tear or two over this story.

When a homeless man named César stopped at the emergency room of Hospital Regional Alto Vale in Brazil, he couldn’t shake his tail – or tails, rather.

One of the hospital workers, Cris Mamprim, wrote a post on Facebook about what she saw. At 3:00 that morning, César sought treatment for a chronic health issue and went to the nearest facility.

While Mamprim and other staff members were caring for him, they noticed a cute sight at the hospital entrance.

Four stray dogs kept watch at the door as their best buddy was being helped during his emergency visit. They did not budge the entire time.

César explained that he looked after the dogs by scavenging for food, often forgoing meals for himself so he could feed them.

Mamprim noticed how “chubby’ the dogs were, commenting on how selfless the man is for taking care of them even though he does not have many material things.

What workers saw was love and loyalty from both sides. Staff offered César food and welcomed the dogs inside the facility so that they too could share in the meal.

After an hour or so, he was ready to leave and the adorable dogs trotted off – tails wagging – right behind him. Is that love or what?

Are you sniffling a little at this heartwarming story? Would your doggies do the same thing?

Woman devises brilliant plan to cheer up grandma in hospital

Shelbey Hennick is the granddaughter anyone could ask for. This compassionate 21-year-old young lady always knows how to make her granny laugh.

But this time, it looked like she had to put a bit more effort in order to lift lovely grandma Donna’s spirit.

The poor woman fell ill and ended up at the hospital. Shelbey knew she had to do everything she could to cheer her loving grandma up.

A bunch of interesting ideas went through her mind, but eventually one that couldn’t be surpassed popped up.

Although what she had on mind was a bit tricky, she was determined to proceed with her plan of bringing Donna’s best friend Patsy for a visit. Patsy is the sweetest little pooch this grandma loves with all her heart.

Shelby shared with Inside Edition the touching story of Donna. She took the puppy in while it was till a baby and nurtured her from the day she entered her home.

From bottle feeding, to making sure she has the coziest life a puppy could have, Patsy became an inseparable part of Donna’sx existence.

“She’s had this dog forever, and this dog is her baby. She was small enough to fit in the palm of her hand.”

The way everything unfolded resembles a movie-like scene. Not having the time to take a veterinarian permission to bring Patsy to the hospital, Shelby did something that made us laugh. She is a witty young girl.

She wrapped Patsy into a blanket and entered the hospital, deceiving the staff into believing she was caring a baby.

She told Inside Edition that she wasn’t really worried about the repercussions.

“It was just so spur-of-the-moment and I didn’t have time to go to my grandma’s veterinarian’s office… Nobody would have stopped me to see my baby. The worst they could have told me was to leave.”

Seeing her puppy was the ultimate surprise that made Donna feel better in an instant.

“It made her a lot happier. She wasn’t feeling very good and it made her more relaxed. She did go home the next day. Medically, it didn’t have anything to do with Patsy, but I’m still thinking it had a little bit to do with her.”

Take a look at the video and see how this lovely granddaughter put her crazy plan into action.

Mom adopts 3-year-old girl whose nose was eaten by animals, years later she transforms

An abandoned 3-year-old child from India was refused by many couples looking for children to adopt because she didn’t have a nose. Fortunately, she found her forever home and transformed years later.

Kristen Williams, 44, from Cincinnati, had always wanted children. She decided to adopt 3-year-old Roopa after learning that many couples refused her because animals had eaten her nose away when her biological parents abandoned her.


A year before that, Williams also adopted 5-year-old Munni from India, who was a victim of extreme abuse. Her body and face showed physical scars of the pain she experienced at such a young life.

“I saw her face, and it was like an electric current just shot out and hit me in my heart,” she said in an interview. “She was everything I wasn’t looking for, and she ended up being everything I needed.”


It was in 2013 when Williams adopted Roopa, a 3-year-old from India, who also experienced some difficulties. The child had been left to die in a trash pile at birth, where she lost her nose and lips to hungry insects and animals.

In William’s eyes, both girls are perfect. “It’s very unfortunate that this is an everyday event in India,” she expressed.

The two girls are enjoying their new home with their loving mother. They also got a special surprise when a group from The Doctors heard Roopa’s and Munni’s heartfelt stories.

Munni was given cosmetic scar removal, and Roopa was provided reconstructive surgery and a nasal prosthesis.

Even though the kids are already beautiful in Williams eyes, the surgeries will now let them encounter less questions about their past.


Do you agree that these two kids are beautiful and that Williams is an amazing woman? Let us know what you think in the comments section below! Don’t forget to SHARE this story to spread some love!

Jenna Bush shares emotional conversation she had with grandfather George H. W. Bush

Jenna Bush spoke out about a touching conversation that she had with her grandfather, George H. W. Bush, the 41st president of the United States before he passed away.

According to grieving daughter of the 94-year-old World War hero who passed away on Friday, his final words made her feel stronger and more optimistic than ever.

Patsy Lynch – REX – Shutterstock
“I used to worry about death, now… I look forward to it. I’m going to be reunited with the people I’ve lost,” Jenna expressed.

Following the day of his death, Jenna shared pictures with her grandfather on Instagram and wrote: “Waking up missing this giant of a man who gave me everything.

He taught me and my family about service, family, decency, the power of gentle words and a beautiful heart. I will miss him desperately but so happy he and my Grandmother are back together.”

After that, Jenna also shared a comic depicting her grandfather arriving in heaven with his WWII fighter jet and getting greeted by his late wife of 73 years. The caption of the post read:

Marshall Ramsey
“This brought me such comfort this morning. I had the opportunity to talk with my grandpa about the afterlife.

This is what he said: He answered without any hesitation. ‘Yes, I think about it. I used to be afraid. I used to be scared of dying. I used to worry about death. But now in some ways, I look forward to it.’”

She added: “And I started crying. I managed to choke out, ‘Well, why? What do you look forward to?’ And he said, ‘Well when I die I’m going to be reunited with these people that I’ve lost.’

“And I asked who he hoped to see He replied, ‘I hope I see Robin, and I hope I see Barbara.

I haven’t yet figured out if it will be Robin as the three-year-old that she was this kind of chubby, vivacious child or if she’ll come as a middle-aged woman, an older woman.’

“And then he said, ‘I hope she’s the three-year-old.’ Robin was the daughter of this giant of a man lost years before to leukemia.

“The little girl he held tightly, who spoke the phrase I have heard Gampy repeat for my entire life, forever knitting Robin’s voice into the tightly woven fabric of our family: ‘I love you more than tongue can tell.’”

This pediatrician shows how to stop baby from crying in 5 seconds!

Watch as Dr. Hamilton demonstrates The Hold on a few crying babies as well as some pointers to take note of. It’s hard to believe that such a simple technique can be so effective!

Taking care of a newborn baby is tough. Constant attention is required and when the baby starts crying, you have to drop whatever you’re doing to see what the baby needs.

This constant grind can leave you short on everything from money, sleep, and tempers. It’s no surprise that some parents practically drop off the social radar for a while once a newborn comes into the family.

But despite all the love and attention that one can give a baby, there are just some cases when the baby just won’t stop crying no matter what you do to try to pacify him/her. It’s easily a situation that can make you want to pull out your hair.

Thankfully, YouTube channel Mochu Nguyen introduces us to Dr. Robert Hamilton, a pediatrician who works out of Pacific Ocean Pediatrics over at Santa Monica, California.

In his over 30 years experience handling thousands of babies, Dr. Hamilton has discovered a very simple technique that is super effective at calming a crying baby. He simply refers to the technique as The Hold.

He says that if a baby doesn’t stop crying despite using the technique, it means he/she is either ill or hungry. But at least it will still help a parent identify if something is wrong.

This video footage shows an ant walking off with a diamond inside a jewelry shop

Do you know ants are capable of carrying more than 10 times their own weight? If you don’t believe this, here is video footage to prove this.

Video footage of an ant lifting a diamond and walking off with it inside a jewelry shop is going viral on the Internet.

The footage clearly shows that ants may appear tiny, but they can carry more than ten times of their own weight.

The video was posted on YouTube that shows an ant dragging the diamond and walking off with it inside a jewelry shop.

Even though it looks bigger than the ant itself, the ant doesn’t appear to have any problem carrying the diamond across a desk.

Watch how easily this ant walking off with the diamond

Ants are found almost everywhere on the planet. There are more than 12,000 species of ants in the world.

The ants use their antennae or other body parts to send messages through touch.

They eat leaves, seeds, small insects, nectar, and honeydew and can carry food back to the nest. Not only this, they are capable of carrying more than 10 times their weight.

So, if you think that ants are tiny and harmless, do watch this video footage. They could steal your most valuable possessions without your knowledge.

Australia’s biggest spider terrifies a homeowner in Sydney as it lurks out of the window

Arachnophobia, the fear of spiders, is the most common and oldest phobia in the Western Culture. It doesn’t matter whether it is a small spider or a big one, it can scare the hell out of anyone suffering from this phobia.

Well, I am not going to talk about Arachnophobia in this post, but will show you something that will pretty much give you an Arachnophobia.

Recently, a homeowner from Sydney, Australia posted a photo of a massive huntsman spider clinging on his Window.

Don’t confuse the huntsman spiders like any other spiders. This spider species can grow the size of your palm and is probably one of the biggest spider species in the world.

The huntsman spiders are known for their abnormally large size and speed. The homeowner was in a relaxing mood watching television when he stumbled upon this gigantic spider on his window.

The scary sighting was posted on Reddit by the homeowner himself with the username Pomohomo82.

He said that despite the huntsman gave him an almighty fright; he is not planning on to make this arachnid vacate the premise.

He added that they had got a yard with some trees and plenty of food for the spider to call it home. He is expecting the spider to live out there happily with no one to disturb.

The huntsman spiders are notorious in Australia for crawling out of the windows and car dashboards. They have a healthy population in Australia with plenty of food to eat and merely no predator.

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