Man Claims He Is the Love Child of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles

52-year-old Simon Dorante-Day convinced he is the love child of Prince Charles and his beloved wife Camilla Parker Bowles. He also claims that Princess Diana knew of his existence before she passed away.

Mr. Dorante-Day was born in April 1966 in Gosport, near Portsmouth and was adopted by British couple Karen and David Day when he was only 18 months old.

He is now living in Queensland, Australia, where he said numerous times about his belief that he was placed for adoption by Camilla Shand when she was only 18 years old. Prince Charles would’ve been 17 at the time he was conceived.

Mr. Dorante-Day also explained in an interview with New Idea that he believes Princess Diana was aware of his birth and that she had been preparing to ‘go public’ before she passed away in 1997.

He also shared a photo and claimed it shows striking similarities between him and members of the royal family.

“At the time, there were all sorts of rumors flying around about the royal family, and my existence was one of them,” he said.

“I think Diana was at a point where she was finding out answers about her life, how she was wronged, and she was going to go public with it.”

Mr. Dorante-Day also created a Facebook page where he shares updates about his mission to be known as the son of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall.

One of his evidence is side-by-side comparison images of his children with members of the Royal Family, which he said show striking physical similarities.

“Good quality shot – the Camilla style Hair doesn’t miss,” he wrote on a recent photo of himself as a young man.

Mr. Doronte-Day, whose middle name is Charles, has said multiple times that he would like a DNA test to prove his connection to them.

He also explained his adoptive grandparents worked for the royal family. “[My grandmother] didn’t just hint at it, she told me outright.”

31-Year-Old Man Dating 91-Year-Old Girlfriend Explains Why He Loves To Date Older Women

Pittsburgh-based Kyle Jones is a 31-year-old guy who traded traditional romance for something considered rather unconventional and bizarre by many.

Jones claims to enjoy dating women who are much older than him. In 2009, he met and fell in love with 91-year-old Marjorie McCool who’s old enough to be his great-grandmother.

Despite the massive age gap between the two, however, they seemed just as romantic as couples in their 20s when they appeared in the first episode of the first season of Extreme Love.

Not only does the pair engage in an emotional relationship, but they also get downright physical and love to share smooches.

According to Jones, her wrinkles, lines, hanging skin, and platinum hair are what he finds most attractive about McCool. He also explained that he enjoys spending time with older women more than he could with the young ones.

As Jones revealed, he offers his dates a unique experience filled with fun stuff and adventures. That’s right, dates.

McCool and Jones both agreed to not being monogamous, and Jones began dating 68-year-old Anna Ronald soon after meeting McCool.

“The physical side of the relationship is wonderful. I amaze myself and he amazes me, and I like it,” the 91-year-old lovebird explained. “I sometimes feel like he’s another son, until we hop in bed. Then I feel different.”

Jones, on the other hand, continues to defend his choices despite being met with a lot of criticism along the way. “The most common [criticism] is that I’m a vulture,” Jones admitted. “You’re after money, you’re after inheritance. I hear that all the time, but it’s not true at all. I do this because I like it and they like it too.”

They look like a happy couple, so it works out for me!

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Egypt’s President Says To Migrants, ‘If You Go To Another Country, You Must Abide By Its Culture – If Not, Don’t Go’

Egypt’s President said people should not expect the West to welcome migrants and ‘If you go to another country, you must abide by its culture. If not, don’t go’.

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said at a World Youth Forum in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt that ‘every country has the right to protect its people and their interests.’

He said: ‘Every country has the right to protect its people and their interests. It must generally respect human rights in a framework that preserves its national interests.’

‘Instead of asking me why countries [in the West] close their gates to us, you should ask yourself why the people of Afghanistan don’t take better care of their own country.’

‘Why have they been killing one another for 40 years?’

‘We fight amongst ourselves in our own countries, and then we expect countries that work day and night to achieve progress to protect their people and to maintain a certain standard of living for them – we demand that they let us in so we can have part of their [success].’

‘Do you expect them to open their doors so that we can go there demanding to keep our own culture?

He added:

‘We demand to keep our culture, which could be very different from the work ethic in those countries.’

‘You demand to go there with your culture which you consider to be non-negotiable. You say, “this is how we are and you must accept us [because of] human rights”. No.’

‘By the way, if you go to another country as a guest, you must completely abide by its laws, customs, traditions, and culture. You must abide by them completely. If you are not willing to do this, don’t go.’

‘Don’t expect them to open the door for you so you can go into their country and cause trouble. No.’

Man Discovers Skeleton Under The Basement, Finds Out The Remains Are Those Of His Father

A man who found a skeleton under the basement of their house in New York has discovered those are his father’s remains. His father, George Carroll, had gone missing 57 years ago.

57-year-old Michael Carroll found the skeleton with his grandchildren while excavating the basement of their home.

His father went missing in 1961, six years after the family purchased the house. Michael was only 8 months old when that happened, and was just told his father had left “to do something’ but he never returned.

Michael started to excavate the basement many years ago. He only stopped when the process became too dangerous. When he resumed recently, he stumbled across the remains, which authorities have confirmed are those of his father.

He told ABC’s Eyewitness News: “It didn’t just come up overnight, it’s something that’s been talked about for years.

“This is something as we grew up, you know. We heard multiple stories.”

Michael’s brother, Steven, was only five when their dad had gone missing. He added: “There really wasn’t much talk about it. But we became curious as adults as to where he might be.”

Steven said the family had interviewed many people from the neighborhood to search more about George’s whereabouts. However, it wasn’t until they became adults that they were able to look further.

The skeleton was found around cement walls, around 6 to 8 feet down. Michael admitted he was not surprised when he saw the remains in the basement.

“In my mind, I always felt that I was going to find that,” he said. “I’m glad this is over and I don’t have to break up my house anymore.”

Steven added: “I feel great that my dad is free from that crappy hole.”

Their mother, Dorothy, can’t be called in for questioning as she died in 1998.

Michael and Steven also have two sisters, who were 9 and 7 when their father went missing. Their father’s death is now being investigated as a potential homicide but Michael said that finding his father’s body already acts as enough closure.

He told New York Post: “There will be no justice. The justice happened when we dug him up because we just interrupted the perfect crime – they almost got away with this.”

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Man Still Mows His Ex-Wife’s Lawn Even 28 Years After Their Divorce

We can hear plenty of stories in which good families get torn apart due to the bitterness that follows parents’ divorce. Fortunately, however, there are still many positive examples that show us how divorce should be handled in order to avoid hurting children.

When 32-year-old Codie LaChelle McPhate was only 4 years old, her parents divorced and fell in love with their new partners.

Still, each time Codie’s biological father comes over to Austin, Texas, to see his girl, he does something amazing that the 32-year-old will never forget.

Despite their divorce, Codie’s parents decided to get along because they didn’t want to hurt their girl. And so, knowing how her ex-wife’s knees are giving up, Codie’s dad mows her laws when he pays a visit to his daughter.

And when Codie saw what her father is willing to do for her mother, she couldn’t stop herself from taking a few pictures and sharing her story on Love What Matters where she wrote:

“This is my dad, mowing my mom’s lawn. They’ve been divorced 28 years.

“My mom has bad knees, and my stepdad works out of town. When my younger siblings questioned, ‘Why is your dad mowing mom’s lawn?,’ I told them, ‘Because, she needed help, and he knew she couldn’t get out here to do it, so he did.’

“This is co-parenting. This is how lucky I am to have 4 parents who respect each other, and know that at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is showing your children (Even ones that are 32 years old) how to treat people, and how to love your family, no matter how it came together.

“My dad is with me in Texas on vacation. He doesn’t even live here where my mom lives. So not only did he do something selflessly for her, he did it for her while he was on his VACATION. He wants everyone to know, ‘I’m no saint.’ He just wants to show others that you don’t need to act like an angelic pastor on lent, but that we should all choose kindness whenever we can.”

She added:

“My dad said he didn’t do this for the recognition. He said my mom and he decided when they we going through their divorce they would both choose to be adults and treat each other with respect and compassion, because no matter how their marriage ended, they both loved each other very much at one point, and that, that love – counts for something. That if they were going to raise their children to be good, kind people, they needed to be good kind people.

“I’m very fortunate to have such amazing parents. I know my moms and dads would do anything for each other, because we’re family.”

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Brad Pitt Was Captured Arriving At Ex-wife Jennifer Aniston’s Star-Studded 50th Birthday Party

Brad Pitt attended his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston’s star-studded 50th birthday party in LA. The couple divorced in 2005 and Brad was spotted arriving at Jennifer’s birthday party alongside a series of star-studded guests.

The 50-year-old was seen wearing a backless black jumpsuit as she made an entrance into the venue.

Brad and Jennifer first met in 1998 and tied the knot in 2000. Shortly after their split, Brad started dating Angelina Jolie.

Angelina later revealed that they had fallen in love on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith in 2003, while he was still married to Jennifer.

Jennifer then met Justin Theroux in August 2015 after becoming engaged in 2012. The couple announced their separation and intention to divorce in February 2018.

Speaking previously about her divorces, Jennifer said: “I don’t feel a void. I really don’t.

“My marriages, they’ve been very successful, in personal opinion. And when they came to an end, it was a choice that was made because we chose to be happy, and sometimes happiness doesn’t exist within that arrangement anymore.”

“Sure, there were bumps, and not every moment felt fantastic, obviously, but at the end of it, this is our one life and I would not stay in a situation out of fear. Fear of being alone. Fear of not being able to survive. To stay in a marriage based on fear feels like you’re doing your one life a disservice.”

“When the work has been put in and it doesn’t seem that there’s an option of it working, that’s OK. That’s not a failure. We have these clicheės around all of this that need to be reworked and retooled, you know? Because it’s very narrow-minded thinking.”

Many stars attended Jennifer’s party including Kate Hudson and Barbara Streisand.

Terminally Ill Man With Weeks To Live Marries The Love Of His Life Who Suffers From The Same Disease

A dying wish of a terminally ill 24-year-old man came true as he married the love of his life, a girl who suffers from the same disease as he does, in a race-against-time wedding.

Darren Easton, who’s been receiving his end-of-life care since his donor’s lungs gave up, is a cystic fibrosis sufferer who was told he only has weeks left to enjoy life.

Before he could rest in peace, however, Darren was hoping for his final wish to come true. He wanted to marry the love of his life, Lauren Pope, who he fell in love with after meeting her at the funeral of another cystic fibrosis sufferer.

The couple, who met in 2015, now exchanged their vows in front of teary-eyed friends and family at the Harefield Hospital in London.

After the ceremony, the frail 24-year-old lovebird said:

“When I knew I was going to die, we were going to do all we could to get married. More than anything I want Lauren to be happy – and to know even after I’m gone, I’ll always be with her.”

His newly-found wife, Lauren, added: “I know the vows say till death do us part, but it’s not for us. Our love goes beyond that and will last long after both of us have gone.”

Allegedly, Darren proposed to Lauren back in 2016, but the couple couldn’t afford to marry until now due to their tough financial situation. Fortunately, their dream became a reality as they were able to raise $4,000 in donations to pay for the wedding.

Despite having to rest during the ceremony, the 24-year-old mechanic was able to gather enough strength to ditch his wheelchair and have the first dance with Lauren who is a hairstylist by profession.

When their love was still in its early stages, the couple was living together at Lauren’s flat in Watford. Speaking of their relationship, Darren said:

“Living together was amazing. We had an unusual relationship, though. Most couples argue over what to watch on TV. We argued about fridge space for our medicines.”

Not long after this experience, Darren’s health began worsening and he had to be admitted to the hospital.

Fortunately, both families stepped together and helped the young couple fulfill their final wish.

“It was the greatest day ever. My only concern now is Lauren will be stable. I have put away money for her as well as a box of my things to keep. I want her to be happy,” Darren said.

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15-Year-Old Boy Who Saved His Mother From Being Sexually Assaulted Passed Away Due To Severe Injuries He Sustained

A 15-year-old boy from Russia defended his mother from a man trying to sexually assault her. Unfortunately, he passed away due to severe injuries he sustained.

Vanya Krapivin was able to save his mother from the rapist, but he suffered serious injuries to his head.

According to Sky News, he just came back from school in Severodvink, northwestern Russia when he found their 37-year-old neighbor, Roman Pronin, trying to rape her mother.

As soon as he saw the attack, the teen picked up a 6-pound dumbbell and hit the attacker with it.

But Pronin grabbed the dumbbell off Vanya and struck back before running away from the scene.

The two were found unconscious by neighbors who had heard the fight. Vanya was left comatose after being hit with the dumbbell while his mother had been stabbed more than 20 times.

Surgeons had to remove some part of the teen’s brain and he remained in a coma for nine long months. He then started to recognize his nurse but he couldn’t eat liquid food.

His mother was not able to visit him for some time, according to a Russia news website.

After receiving criticisms, the mother said she didn’t visit her son because she couldn’t bear to see her son like that. She also blames herself for what happened to him.

Vanya was scheduled to be sent to Spain to for his recovery. Unfortunately, he caught flu and passed away.

Authorities are now investigating why Pronin, a convicted murderer who had been released from jail, was allowed to live near young children.

Last year, the 37-year-old was imprisoned for attempted murder, but will now face murder charges after the 15-year-old’s death.

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Hospital Gives Moving “Honor Walk” To Baby Girl Whose Organs Saved 3 Children

No parent should ever be forced to outlive their children. Yet, it happens every day. The parents of Alondra Torres Arias were faced with a harrowing reality: their little one-year-old girl would not win her battle with pneumonia.

In early January, baby Alondra was declared to be brain dead. While no parent wants to endure their child’s death, the Barrazas (Alondra’s mother and father) had a difficult choice to make.

When asked if their willing to donate your child’s organs, what can anyone say? This question, though horrifying can save many lives.

It was for this reason that baby Alondra’s parents decided to go ahead and let her organs be donated. Though it was likely the hardest decision they ever had to make, the hospital’s moving tribute to their baby made a huge impact.

Before the surgery, the Barrazas said one last goodbye to their daughter. Once they made the decision to donate Alondra’s liver and kidneys, they watched as the hospital staff prepared to take her for surgery.
The touching video shows the medical staff and doctors lining the hospital hallway to honor the live of Alondra. As she is wheeled through the hall, they hold hands in prayer until Alondra is taken to the operating room.

Though the moment must have been truly heart-wrenching, the Barrazzas’ spirits were lifted when they felt how powerful the experience was.

Alonza’s mother shared that “I have the great comfort having helped save three babies.”

Though no parent wants to experience the tragedy of losing their daughter or son, the Barrazzas know that their baby girl did not die in vain. What a sacred and life-altering moment. No parent knows what they’ll do in such a situation, but making a decision like this one leaves an incredible impact on the lives of so many people.

Once the footage was posted online, millions of people around the world resonated with the message of Alondra’s story. Viewers all over the world sent prayers and words of gratitude for the Barrazas’ incredible donation.

“God bless you,” one viewer commented.
Another made note of what a powerful act of love their decision was. “A part of your beautiful princess will…live in three little ones,” another viewer shared. May Alondra rest in peace and may her family be granted peace on earth as well.

Compartan la publicación por favor#EnHonoraAlondraJenni BarrazaAyer se firmó la muerte cerebral de mi hija Alondra. Probablemente ella se fue días antes, yo le hablé y la besé hasta el último minuto. Escribo porque sé que hubo mucha gente al pendiente, gente que ayudó con sus oraciones y también económicamente. Sé que trascendió hasta gente que yo no conozco, por lo que pido que se extienda este mensaje. Tenía la ilusión de ir personalmente a agradecer con mi niña en brazos a cada persona por su ayuda.Ayer mi esposo y yo escoltamos a mi bebé todavía en la cuna y respirando artificialmente desde el área de terapia intensiva hasta el área de cirugía donde Alondra pudo donar sus dos riñones y su hígado. En el camino al quirófano ibamos soportando una tristeza que no les puedo explicar. Saliendo del elevador, nos esperaba un pasillo muy largo, lleno de enfermeros y enfermeras, médicos y demás personal del hospital haciendo "valla", todos en silencio, todos con las manos juntas en señal de agradecimiento, todos visiblemente conmovidos, dimos vuelta y había todavía mas gente. Nunca caminé mas orgullosa y con mi cabeza en alto. Llegamos al quirófano y nos despedimos de mi niña hermosa, llegó la hora de dejarla ir.Tengo el grandísimo consuelo de haber ayudado a salvar a 3 bebés, la muerte de mi niña no fue en vano. Me encargaré en lo posible de que este testimonio pueda salvar mas vidas. Una persona con muerte cerebral, no puede irse directo al panteón. Hay familias sufriendo, hay madres en la agonía de la espera de un milagro, de una oportunidad. Para mi lo mas difícil apenas comienza. Siempre estaré muy agradecida con quienes hicieron tanto por nosotros. Siempre honraremos a mi niña que llevamos en cada paso. Fue un honor y un privilegio haber sido su mamá.

Publicată de Andrea Salgado Flores pe Vineri, 11 ianuarie 2019

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‘Nonverbal’ 8-Year-Old with Down Syndrome Befriends Homeless Man Through Music

The ability to communicate verbally is something that many people take for granted. In fact, it may be difficult to imagine how challenging life would be without the ability to articulate your thoughts and feelings, to ask for things that you need, to show affection to loved ones and to enjoy the many other benefits of speech.

Sometimes, it takes a special moment to remind us of how meaningful speech can be.

What’s An Xennial: The Generation Caught Between X And Y

Neveah is an 8-year-old girl from South Carolina who was born with Down syndrome, and one of her most severe effects of the syndrome is that she is essentially unable to speak.

This is why her random verbal interaction with a homeless man through song stunned her mother and the rest of the world.

Her mother, Kimberly Phillips, recently took Neveah to a nearby church for volunteer work. Their task was to help feed those in need. Without verbal communication, Neveah surprisingly was able to befriend a homeless man who entered the church searching for a meal.

After a period of time, this man wrapped his arms around Neveah and begin to sing a soulful gospel song to her. The song was “I Understand” by Smokie Norful. The lyrics talk about how he feels like giving up and is never good enough.

This special moment has touching enough that someone pulled out a smartphone to capture it on video, but the magic of the moment did not end there.

During the man’s private performance to the girl, Neveah miraculously joined him in singing a few words from time to time. This unbelievable video was posted online and shared with the world. Understandably, it went viral, and more than a million people have now viewed it.

Neveah’s mother was so touched by the impact that the heartfelt interaction between these two strangers had on the world that she located the homeless man.

When she told the man about the video and the response it generated, he smiled and proudly congratulated Neveah on what they had accomplished together.

This special video is a touching tribute to humanity and kindness. Do you have any similar experiences that our readers may want to hear about? Leave the details in the space below for our readers to enjoy.