Mom refused to throw away eggshells. Now her garden is more beautiful than before after just one night

In past times no sooner had I broken eggs that I used I would generally throw the shells straight in the bin. However, now I’ve realized that’s a pretty foolish thing to do. I’ve discovered that eggshells can, in fact, be very useful. By saving them you may be able to use for other purposes especially your garden. It’s no coincidence that eggshells are used by keen gardeners all over the world. We decided to give you nine reasons why you should use eggshells. The following tips will allow your garden to flourish in no time with these amazing tips. Thankfully none of the tips are too complicated. Take a look through the list below, and remember to share with others.

1. Nutrients for the soil: Eggshells are broken down quickly and can supply nutrients to the soil. The shells contain valuable calcium and other minerals. If you have enough eggshells, you can really enrich your soil. 2. Drainage: Digging holes and placing eggshells below your plants increases the drainage capacity and air circulation of the soil. This helps plants to stay healthy. Just remember to replace the eggshells as they degrade. 3. Tomatoes: Tomatoes, aubergines, and peppers can suffer from calcium deficiency when growing, which can cause them to rot. Bury eggshells in the soil to avoid this. The calcium they contain can be absorbed easily by the soil.

4. Keeping snails and worms at bay: Scatter broken eggshells around plants, flowers, and crops. Apparently, the shells are good for keeping snails and worms away. All without touching pesticides! 5. Keeping deer away: Not many of you have to worry about deer ruining your plants, but for those that do they detest the smell of eggshells. 6. Growing pods: Thinking about planting seeds, then eggshells can be perfect as biodegradable pots. Rinse the shell, place your shells in a carton on the window and fill the soil and seeds. The plants get extra calcium this way too. Place the shells on the ground when the shoots get too big. Remember to make a hole in the eggshell for the roots to spread out from.

7. Bird food: Little birds love crushed eggshells because they actually contain calcium. When birds flock to your garden, they offer additional benefits – pest control in particular! 8. pH balance: The pH balance of soil can affect the color of certain flowers. For example, take hydrangea which turns pink or blue depending on the acid/alkali balance in the soil. If your soil is too acidic, use eggshells to balance the pH. 9. Compost: Eggshells can be an amazing addition to compost. Remember to crush the shells first to ensure you get the best results!