Teen Mom Chose Unborn Baby’s Life Over Own Cancer Treatment, Dies Months After Losing Her Newborn Too

Briana Rawlings was on cloud nine when she learned that she would soon bring a new life into the world. But 17 weeks into her pregnancy, Briana received devastating news. The young mother to be was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer in the blood known as NK cell leukemia.

The young woman was not far from the midpoint of her pregnancy when she was faced with the dilemma of deciding between the life of her child and the protection of her own health.

Briana chose to forego the treatment that could possibly save her life. She would instead continue with the pregnancy in hopes of providing her unborn baby with the opportunity to live a healthy life. The sad reality of the situation is that both mother and son would lose their life. However, some comfort can be taken from the fact that Briana was able to hold her baby boy and shower him with the love she possessed for him.

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Brianna named her son Kyden and though the little boy lived only 12 days, he received enough love for a lifetime. It’s hard to fight back tears while watching a weakened Brianna cradle the tiny infant in her arms. The love in her eyes when looking at Kyden is something you will never forget.

Brianna acted like a mother even before her son was born. She was even willing to trade her own life for the life of her child in order to give him a chance at life. In the end, her decision brought more pain to her as she would also have to suffer the pain of losing Kyden. However, Briana was not broken by the loss. In fact, losing Kyden caused her to renew her own fight to survive cancer.

Brianna promised Kyden she would fight to live. She finally lost her battle with the deadly disease on December 29. She died four days after her 19th birthday. Brianna’s courage and the love she had for her son were a great source of inspiration for her family. The loss of the young mother and her child has devastated them.

Brianna’s sister, Kourt, admits she cannot think about her sister without breaking down under the weight of the emotion.



The complications for Kyden began three months before he was due. Brianna contracted a blood infection that doctors feared could be passed on to her unborn son. Doctors decided to deliver the baby immediately through a C-section.

Kyden was endowed with the same fighting spirit that fueled his mother. He came into the world screaming and was able to fill his lungs with air long before it should have been possible. For Brianna, the 12 days she spent with Kyden were the best days of her entire life.

Brianna endured pain and sickness to become a mother. It was always her dream to have a family. Once her son was gone, he still provided his mother with the strength to continue her fight. Brianna believed that she would win her fight against cancer and felt like her health was better than it had been in a long time.

For a while, it seemed as if Brianna might win her fight against the disease. There was a marked improvement in her blood levels and she was working hard to regain the strength that would allow her to use her legs again. She even grew strong enough to take day trips away from the hospital.


Despite the spirit and fight Briana showed, her condition eventually took a turn for the worst. Doctors decided against a bone marrow transplant they considered for Briana. Instead, they opted to treat her condition with a new drug still in the trial phase.

Doctors believed the drug would succeed in saving Briana’s life but the cost was a staggering $1000 a week. Brianna’s family went to work at raising the needed money for the treatment so that she could receive uninterrupted treatment. Unfortunately, Brianna only received two doses of the medicine before she succumbed to her illness.

Brianna Rawlings did not get to spend much time on earth. However, she provided a unique light to the world for the time she was granted. Brianna taught those who were fortunate enough to watch her journey that strength could be found in courage. She also taught them that hope can be maintained even in the darkest of times.

What do you think about Brianna’s choice of saving her unborn baby’s life instead of getting cancer treatment? Would you have done the same? Let us know in the comments and be sure to spread Brianna’s story – her courage will be an inspiration to others!

No one showed to little boy’s party at chuck e cheese so employee secretly makes a plan

Having a huge number of kids over during your birthday is one of the most unforgettable days of your life as a kid. This is why mom and dad do everything that they can to make this day memorable. However, this was not the case during a 4-year-olds’ birthday party.

Angela Kazanis invited 30 children to celebrate with them Evans’ 4th birthday. Sadly, not one of them showed up at the Chuck E. Cheese parlor in New Jersey where she reserved the space specifically for the celebration.

She said that the look on little Evan’s face broke her heart. Evan was just looking at the door and you can clearly see the disappointment on his face.

Not only did mom felt bad about what happened but even the employees of the Chuck E. Cheese also felt heartsick.

One of the staff named Taylor Inzinna said that she immediately ran to the kitchen because she was so upset but she was impressed that mom was handling it better than any mother would.

She just held it together and never let Evan know even for a second that she was upset.

Inzinna wanted to at least salvage the disappointment that Evan is feeling right at that moment. So she posted on Facebook her desire to give this child a party that he deserves and some presents.

Her coworkers, her family friends, as well as her friends immediately responded and in just three to four days, she was able to gather about 13 gifts.

Inzinna then contacted Kazanis and told her that the store wanted to do something for Evan.

Kazanis and her son went back to the store and according to Inzinna, the day he came back in and seeing the smile on his face was all they ever wanted. She said, “I had one goal that day and my goal was to make sure that he left happy. And he left going, ‘Oh my God, Mom, this is the best day ever.’”

As soon as mom saw the gifts, she was delighted when her son was given the avalanche of wrapped gifts. Kazanis shared that she was shocked but had to stop herself from crying.

She did not want Evan to see how this affected her. She shared, “They made him feel a million dollars like he was the most important kid in the whole world.

He is not going to forget it. He remembers everyone and everything. ”

Evan might be too young to understand but surely he already knows that he is a very special kid.

It might have been a traumatic experience both for Evan and her mom but thankfully, there are people like Taylor Inzinna who made this birthday celebration possible for young Evan.

Birthday parties are special days for kiddos which is why mom and dad make sure that this is an unforgettable day for them. However, there are times that we cannot please everybody.

Nobody really knows why those 30 kids did not show up but it surely broke Evans’ heart. Somehow, because of the kindness of some strangers, his sadness turned to a birthday that he will never forget for the rest of his life.

Kudos to Taylor Inzinna and the rest of the staff of Chuck E. Cheese for making Evans’ birthday a memorable one!

How to use just 2 eggs to completely relieve the pain of knee joint

The knee is a standout amongst the most essential joints in our body. On account of it, the femur, fibula and patella stay together and can slide to produce distinctive developments, for example, running, strolling, stooping, sitting and a large group of developments that we make in regular daily existence.

The wear of the knees can bring a great deal of distresses; The most widely recognized are torment and irritation, yet it can likewise can cause the loss of versatility. Henceforth the significance of treating it early. In the event that we do as such, we can stay away from more regrettable and maybe even unsalvageable harm to the joint.

Knee torment: Eliminate everlastingly with a characteristic formula

In the event that you need to dispose of knee torment without utilizing more medications, you can not quit perusing this article.

Because of how valuable it will be, it is exceptionally visit that this joint is wearing ceaselessly; Especially the elderly can encounter this wear. Luckily, there are fixings that nature gives to enable us to calm torment on our knees without the requirement for prescription and just with 2 eggs.

Then again, we should know likewise that this verbalization bolsters 80% of the heaviness of our body. Accordingly, its wear isn’t phenomenal; truth be told, after some time it is typical for this to happen to a specific degree. Different variables that can fundamentally influence the wear of this joint are: overweight, wounds, unreasonable exertion, joint pain, joint pain or some fall.

Next we will demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to dispose of knee torment rapidly and effectively with a capable normal cure.

Solution for ease knee torment

To set up this cure you will require:

An egg yolk
Two teaspoons of salt.
A versatile swathe
Readiness strategy:

Beat the yolk and afterward include the salt and blend well.

Method of utilization:

Lower a cotton with the blend and place it on your sore knee, utilize the versatile swathe to hold the cotton.
Leave the cotton for two hours on the knee and afterward you can expel it.
Apply these packs no less than 4 times amid the day.
How this cure functions:

Salt has a high magnesium content. Being retained through the skin diminishes aggravation in the zone making the agony die down.

The egg yolk, then again, has a high substance of proteins and minerals that can infiltrate our skin and reinforce the tissues, tendons and bones of the region.


Another helpful method to alleviate torment in the knees is by putting an ice pack in the region. You can apply ice on your influenced knee 4 or 5 times each day. With this you can supplement the past treatment.

Likewise, you can delicately rub the knee with mustard basic oil. Mustard is a flavor that has turned out to be extremely compelling in enhancing course. By actuating flow in the territory, this will help assuage aggravation and in this way the agony will vanish.

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10 Common Bug Bites Everyone Should Be Aware Of

Practically everyone is stung or bitten by an insect at some point in their life where most of us experience it during the summer months. It’s more common during warmer periods, but it can often be difficult to identify exactly what’s bitten you. Some bites can actually become quite serious, causing infection, swelling, skin damage or severe itching, many are harmless, whilst others have the potential to transfer diseases. It’s important to have an idea as to what exactly has bitten/stung you, and what remedy you require for the symptoms. No need to panic because we collated a small guide to help understand what insects are bothering you.

Hornets: Being stung by a hornet is no one’s idea of fun. After a sting, the affected area is often red and very swollen. Blistering of the skin can occur, whilst cooling the area can offer relief. In some cases, the sting of the hornet can cause an allergic reaction triggered by your own immune system. If your stomach begins to feel cold or numb, your lips turn a shade of blue and breathing is labored, contact a doctor immediately

Bees: If you’ve been stung by a honey bee, the skin around the sting site can become red and swollen, it might itch after some time. The first day after the sting, swelling can increase and pain may radiate in waves from the area. Bee stings are usually harmless in the long term, and providing you don’t feel bad about yourself you can wait until the symptoms subside. It’s important that you remove the sting, to prevent more poison working its way into your body. For the best results, scrape away the sting with a small gadget such as a knife or your own nails.

Wasps: Perhaps the most notorious of all summer blights, the wasp delivers a sting similar to a bite from other insects. The area can turn red and swell, whilst the victim will experience pain and potentially a terrible itch. Bleeding may occur, unlike a bee, wasps can sting several times, so it’s even more important that you know whether or not you’re allergic.

Mosquito: Most people are familiar with mosquito bites, but all the same, it can be difficult to know what’s what. Mosquito bites look like swollen red spots, roughly the size of a small berry, they like to suck blood where the skin is thin as it’s easier for them to reach blood vessels. When they feed, they inject their saliva into the wound, causing numbness in the area that makes it difficult to detect them in the act.

Ticks: Those who are bitten by a tick often don’t know it’s even happened. If you are bitten, however, you can expect a small red patch to occur where the tick has been sitting. Normally the site shouldn’t be more than a few centimeters in diameter, whilst it’s not uncommon to find a small red lump in the center where the tick was feeding.

Fleas: Flea bites are difficult to self-diagnose, as they’re often mistaken for allergic reactions and mosquito bites. Unlike mosquito bites, these bites can be painful and extremely itchy. Fleas commonly bite the legs of sleeping people, whilst the insects can bite several times in one ‘sitting’, so there’s often a pattern separated by gaps of around 1 to 2cm.

Ants: Most ants pose no real threat to humans, red ants are a common pest around the world and are notorious for their painful bites. The ants’ poison contains toxins that can cause allergic reactions and – in extreme cases – anaphylactic shock. Symptoms are often mild and in many ways similar to a bite from a mosquito. An ant bite will often appear as a pink spot, with the skin around it tender and itchy. A person may experience a sudden pain at the moment of the bite.

Horse-fly: If you’ve ever been bitten by a horse-fly, you’ll know you don’t want it to happen again. In rare cases, horse-fly bites can cause blood poisoning and infections. They may look like big, fat flies, but the blood-sucking horse-fly can deliver a hard and painful bite, often leaving a mark and inducing swelling. Wash the area with cold water and apply ice.

Lice: If you notice small red dots that look like mosquito bites, in places where hair grows, on your head, neck or behind your ears – you may have lice. Severe itching is the most common symptom of head lice and comes as a result of their biting. To be sure you have lice, run lice comb through your hair and see what comes out in the sink. Lice are most commonly between one and three millimeters long, with translucent bodies.

Bedbugs: Bed bugs are something you never want to experience. Bites from bed bugs resemble those from mosquitos, though they often follow zigzagging patterns. Common symptoms include swelling, redness, pain and sometimes puss. Unfortunately, you can’t get rid of bed bugs by yourself, even if the bites go away. Contact a professional extermination company to help with your bed bug problem.