A girl went on a Tinder date with absolutely no clothes on!

A tinder date with no clothes!? Jen The Body Painter is back. This time we can see a girl who wears pretty much nothing while she is on a date… with a guy she met on Tinder!

Some of us may know Tinder – the dating app.

This app is very convenient in finding a date. However, this time, a body painter tried a new challenge unlike any before. She went on a date without any clothes on, wearing just body painting!

Look how things were going on!

Our model needs a preparation and this one must be careful in order to make sure that no one will notice that she is not wearing any clothes..

Our model looked like this when the process was finished:

At first, everything was good and the Tinder guy didn’t notice anything.

Later, a group of her fan recognized her and the trick was revealed.