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Mango Worm: Another Creepy Crawly that Emerges from the Skin

What are mango worms?
First, the mango worm goes by many names. It is technically a fly larva and it also goes by the names mango fly, putzi fly and tumbu fly depending on where you are.

Where are mango worms found?

Mango worms are found throughout tropical areas of sub-Saharan Africa, but is more common in certain regions (Central Africa, for example). You could come across them in another part of the world, too, but only if a human or animal traveled while infected with the worms.

The worm works like this:

Adult female worm lays a few hundred eggs into the soil OR onto some damp clothing that is hanging out to dry.
The larvae penetrate the skin of the host and take up residence in the subcutaneous tissue, a layer of skin that has fat and connective tissue filled with blood vessels and nerves.
Then they grow and fatten up.
After 8-12 days, a boil will have formed.
It will itch and then get increasingly painful before it…
actually opens up so the worm can come out to play.
The worm then falls to the ground where it buries itself in order to go into its final stage of growth before turning into a fly.
Got it? Good.

How can mango worm be prevented?
Mango worm is generally very uncommon for travelers to come across, but there are certainly a few steps you can take to really minimize your risk. For one, do not walk around barefoot on soil. By the same token, don’t roll around in the soil. Never a good idea.

As far as your clothes go, if you are in an area where mango worm is prevalent, it would be best to machine dry your clothes or iron them after leaving them out to line dry. The heat will effectively kill the larvae.

Mango worm treatment
There is no medication you can take that will kill the mango worm. You simply have to wait for it to come out. Alternatively, you can cover the boil with vaseline or a similar product and wait till the worm pops out on its own (the vaseline will cut off its access to oxygen). In rare cases, a visit to a clinic may be required to extract the worm.

Mango worms do not pose a serious health risk. They do not carry other diseases with them and they do not cause complications themselves outside of the boil that they create. It is important, however, to remember to thoroughly disinfect the area after the worm has emerged from the body.

For a (graphic) visual demonstration of mango worm extraction, have a look at the video below.

Mango worms should not be your primary travel health concern when traveling. In most cases, travelers will not come across them. That said, you should always visit a travel health clinic before traveling to your destination to become familiar with the possible health risks that exist there. If mango worm is present, the doctor will be able to offer additional advice on the level of risk, prevention, and treatment.

Have you ever had mango worm before? Please share your experience in the comments below.

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A Girl Is Walking On The Street And Collapses Out Of Nowhere From One Second To The Next

There are strange occurrences that happen every day. From the person who walks away from a car accident without a scratch to the person who died on the operating table and is talking with family members a few months later, you can’t always explain why things happen to people.

A young girl in Puebla, Mexico was walking on a city street, minding her own business, when she suddenly collapsed. While watching the video, you will see that she hits her head pretty hard on the pavement after falling.

This is an event that looks like it was taken from a horror movie because of the events that led up to her fall and what happened afterward.

The young lady was walking down the street with a few bags. You have probably done the same thing in your own town. It was the middle of the afternoon, and there were a few other people around her. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind knocks her off of her feet! She tumbles over with her feet in the air and her head on the ground.

A man who was walking on the sidewalk near her stopped to offer assistance. The situation could have been much worse because there was a power line that was broken only feet away from where the young lady landed.

She could have been electrocuted or could have broken her neck! Fortunately, she landed just a short distance from the power line.
Several people believe that there was some kind of supernatural entity involved in keeping the girl alive because she was soon walking around again after her fall. This is a story of a girl who is a miracle. She landed in a way that prevented any serious injuries to her head, neck, or the rest of her body.

Watch as she flips over from the wind, regaining her composure with the help of a stranger. Pass this on to your family and friends! Did you also experience such an supernatural strength?

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GRAPHIC VID: Horrifying moment dog has MAGGOT parasites squeezed from its flesh

DISTRESSING footage captured the stomach-churning moment worms were popped from the flesh of a dog riddled with parasites.

The Tour and Meyer Veterinary Clinic in The Gambia, West Africa, has a YouTube channel dedicated to mangoworm removal.

The gruesome procedure of getting rid of the parasite is shown in graphic detail on camera has proved surprisingly popular among viewers – with the channel gaining more than 157,000 subscribers.

In this particular video – seen by more than 1.2 million people – a couple have brought in their pet, named Sebastian, to be looked at by the vet.

The poor dog appears to be in distress, his ears infected and a major flesh wound on his side.

“This patch here is very inflamed and very painful, when you go near it he jumps,” the vet, who is filming, tells the dog owners.

“We will have to make him relaxed otherwise it will be a bit too cruel.”

After giving the dog anaesthetic, the vet begins to remove parasites that have buried themselves into the dog’s flesh.

“There are so many in the same location that they don’t know where to grow anymore,” he says.

“Can somebody collect the worms please?”

He squeezes the dog’s flesh together and a massive number of thick fat mangoworms burst from its flesh, leaving gaping holes in its skin in the aftermath.

Mangoworms are the larvae of the mango fly or skin maggot fly, common in east and central Africa.

The vet explains that the case is a particularly bad one – and viewers seem to agree.

“That was insane, that poor baby. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what it would be like having that many maggots literally eating me alive,” one person commented.

But despite the harrowing content of the clip, some viewers inexplicably said they found the footage mesmerising.

“This is like the next step on from spot popping vids,” one viewer said.

Another said: “God I know it’s gross but I cannot stop looking. I actually want this job.”

Full video:

On a bright note, the pupper came back to life from his horrific condition and now is feeling so much better !

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Miracle! Mom in labor reaches down and pulls out her own baby—and son catches it all on camera

It’s not every day that you get to witness a miracle—the miracle of birth, that is!

If you have children, it’s possible that you witnessed them being born, but seeing a stranger give life is totally out of the ordinary, unless you’re a doctor or a midwife.

Just check out the video below. But warning! While it shows the beauty of life, it’s not for the faint of heart!

In the video, a mom in labor is struggling. Her baby doesn’t seem to want to wait, and is ready to come out into the world right there, in the passenger seat of the car. Meanwhile, dad Michael Addison is trying to support his wife while driving and son Jayden is filming the ordeal in the back seat.

Little did Jayden know that he was going to catch something miraculous!

The mom reaches down, in between her legs, and pulls out her own daughter. Joliee Lavergne Addison was born in the car, during the 10 minute drive to the hospital.

“[It was] crazy honestly,” Jayden said. “I would say I was surprised because we were just in the back seat. I was recording and I guess he forgot I had the phone.”

Nurses and doctors helping the family after they arrived to the ER.

Dad posted the video online, which quickly went viral.

He said, “Six hours later, I watched the video, I’m like ‘oh wow.’ He recorded the whole thing and it was the perfect PG-13 angle.”

“After I watched the video, I felt like I had to share it with the world. It was exciting to me. It was a beautiful nightmare,” he added.

What a beautiful sight! We hope baby Joliee is happy and healthy at home with her family. Mom is very lucky to have such a supportive family! Please share to send your congratulations!

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Maria, 36, surprises everyone with her pregnancy – what’s inside is not what many expect

36-year-old Maria Nordø Jørstad is a normal woman who lives in Denmark, but since she started posting pictures of her pregnancy this spring she has received over 46,000 followers.

The reason? The unusual shape of her belly.

Maria told Swedish newspaper Expressen: “I’m proud of my stomach! I’m also surprised at how it can be so big without falling down. It’s amazing!”

Since the beginning of the year, thousands of people online have followed 36-year-old Maria’s pregnancy on Instagram, much because of her amazing stomach.

You see, Maria is pregnant with triplets, and the unusual shape they’ve created has prompted many people to react on the internet.

“At first there were strange comments, people tagging their friends and so on. But, over time, the response has become more positive,” she told Expressen.

“I’m proud of my stomach! I’m also surprised at how it can be so big without falling down. It’s amazing!”

Couldn’t lift things
Mary’s stomach began to adopt it’s shape around week 22. Despite having three growing babies in her belly, the rest of her body remained virtually unchanged. That said, she did experience trouble when it came to lifting things, and couldn’t pick up her two-year-old son.

Early on Thursday morning, the three triples arrived safe and sound. Their names are Agnes, Filip and Iben, and the adorable trio can be seen by visiting Maria’s Instagram @triples_of_copenhagen.

The human body really is incredible, or what?

Please share this story with others if you, too, were amazed by the photos.

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