Woman’s Transformative Makeover Brings Tears To Husband’s Eyes

The Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins, has done it again. He has changed one person’s life — at least for a day. There is nothing more refreshing than having your face changed. The boost in self-confidence is incredible.

People end at Hopkin’s studio for different reasons. Some just want to boost their self-confidence. A different appearance is definitely something that can change that. Others just feel like they need to see a little bit of a different face in the mirror after looking one single way in forever.

Some people just feel like they have gone out of style and need to renew their makeover routine. One woman came to Christopher Hopkins with the desire to be turned into a “Glam Gram.” She was a grandmother and a happy one at that.

Many people have much more deeply psychological reasons to seek an external transformation. Some of those people went through a deep transformation in their own personal life and want a new start internally and externally. They feel that a new look helps them move on to the new phase of their lives.

For example, there was a man that lost 10 pounds. Before the weight loss, he had long hair. Now, he wanted his hair to be different for his new body.

In this case, Mimie wanted to have a new look because of her anniversary birthday. She was soon turning 60 and wanted to look her best.

Her long gray hair and fresh look derived the compliments of the Makeover Guy who called her the “makeup and hair girl”. Still, she felt that she could do better with herself. Mimie had specific requests on her look — she wanted to have a hairstyle that she could change up a little every single day. She wanted to look different each day.

Christopher Hopkins always finds the best style for his clients. Many times, people leaving his studio are thrilled with the results.

To their surprise, the look that the Makeover Guy gave them was just what they wanted or even better.

At the beginning of the video, the transformational makeover of Mimie can be seen. In the end, the husband sees her new look. He is pleased with her looks, to say the least. He is so impressed with his wife that he has to wipe a tear from his eye.

Here is the video of what Mimie goes through to get her transformational makeover:

Have you ever had a makeover for yourself? What were the reasons for it? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to show this video to your friends who are longing for a change!