Toddler With Spina Bifida Melts Hearts Showing His Dog He Can Finally Walk

A two year old boy with spina bifida is melting hearts across the world after a video of him proudly showing his dog that he can finally walk went viral. In the video that has been watched over 23 million times on Facebook, little Roman in crutches excitedly tells his dog, Maggie, “Look Maggie! I walking Maggie!”

When Roman’s mom, Whitney Dinkel, was 20 weeks pregnant with Roman, she went in for her ultrasound where doctors diagnosed him with spina bifida, a birth defect that occurs when the spinal cord and spine don’t develop properly in utero.

While in utero, Roman underwent a surgery to improve breathing issues and maximize his chances of walking when he was born. Speaking to Good Morning America, Whitney said, “Before he was born, we were told that there was a chance that he wouldn’t be able to walk.”

“We were scared, confused on why this was happening. And fear is really the big kicker, because you want all your children to have a wonderful life.” Roman’s dad, Adam Dinkel, added.

When Roman was born, he was put on chiropractic and physical therapy. A year later he started using a walker and just recently he got a tiny pair of his own crutches that he was so excited about as he finally learnt to walk using them.

In the seven seconds long video that Whitney shared on Facebook, Roman is seen walking along a corridor leaning against a small pair of crutches and when he sees his dog, Maggie, he exclaims, “Look Maggie! I’m walking Maggie!”

The sweet clip undoubtedly melted millions of hearts as many people were quick to share and comment on how the sweet little boy had impacted them.

Whitney revealed, “From random people telling us their story, you know, how they were depressed, or you know, how they were suicidal, or how they were going through these medical situations and to see that he influenced them in a positive way to change their mindset and change their view it’s just so heartwarming.”