Prison Inmate Released With $2 In Pocket Skips Crucial Job Interview To Save A Bloodied Stranger

Aaron Tucker, 32, was recently released from prison after serving 22 months for a weapons charge. He was so determined to start a new and better chapter — for him and his 21-month-old son.

One week after his release from prison, Aaron was on a bus heading to an important job interview with just $2 in his pocket… but he never made it.

Along the way, he spotted an overturned vehicle ahead of the bus. Concerned, he asked the driver if he was going to help, but the driver said “no.” He also told Aaron he was going to drive off should he exit the bus.

But Aaron didn’t hesitate to do what he knew was right. Within seconds, he was off the bus and running to the car as it began smoking, knowing full well he’d miss his job interview.

With the help of several other Good Samaritans, he found and pulled the driver out of the wreckage. Aaron also took off his dress shirt and wrapped it around the victim’s bleeding head. All the while, he kept talking to him and assuring him he was going to be OK.

Aaron stayed alongside the victim until emergency crews took over. He went home and said a prayer.

But Aaron’s story was far from over. Word about the former inmate’s heroic deed spread quickly around town.

Karin Dale, a complete stranger, set up a GoFundMe page to thank him. In just four days, something truly incredible happened.

If you would like to help Aaron in any way, please visit Karin’s GoFundMe page.