Classmates Secretly Spend 1,500 Hours Making Braille Yearbook For Unsuspecting Blind Teen

RJ Sampson is a senior at Conifer High School in Colorado. RJ loves going to school, but since he’s visually impaired, he has never been able to read or enjoy his yearbooks.

On the last day of freshman year, RJ asked his study hall teacher one simple question as he walked out the door.

“When are you going to make me a braille yearbook?”

His teacher, Leslie Thompson, thought it was a great idea but didn’t think it was possible. Normal yearbooks were already a huge undertaking for her yearbook class, let alone transposing a braille version.

Several years passed by, and RJ’s classmates just weren’t able to make it happen for the hopeful teen.

That was, until RJ’s senior year, when everything and everyone started to really come together.

Leslie, the vision team, and the yearbook committee spent more than 1,500 tireless hours on RJ’s special yearbook — and he had no idea.

In the video below, the editor-in-chief of the yearbook committee stands up before the entire student body and makes a tear-jerking announcement.