Café Owner Hand-Delivers Free Soup To Stranger Undergoing Chemo—And Doesn’t Stop For Whole Year

JC’s Café in Cary, Illinois, serves up fresh batches of its famous homemade soups every day. Hungry customers flock to the café, where the owner, Juan Carlos Beristain, uses only the best local and seasonal ingredients and serves it with a smile.

Noah Dionesotes, 49, lives just down the road from the café. The husband and father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. He has a broken leg and uses a wheelchair, and his days are typically filled with doctor appointments and procedures.

Like many residents of Cary, Noah absolutely loves the delicious and nutritious vegan soup at JC’s Café. But these days, it’s nearly impossible for him to get there and pick some up.

Noah’s mother had been rearranging her days to pick up the soup and bring it to her son, but she couldn’t do it as often as she wanted.

In 2018, Juan Carlos was browsing Facebook when he came across a post about Noah and his medical situation. The post also mentioned how much Noah loves the soup at JC’s Café.

Then one day, Noah heard a knock on the front door. He couldn’t believe it; JC was standing on his porch with multiple cups of fresh vegan soup.

JC refused payment and promised he’d be back on Noah’s doorstep with more. Noah figured the stranger was just being kind and assumed he wouldn’t see him again.

As you’re about to see, Noah was wrong… in the best way possible.