Teens Saw A Fox Wandering Across A Busy Highway, Were Horrified When They Realized It Was Actually A Young Girl

Teenagers tend to get a bad rap from the older generations. However, what Dalaurence Holland, 15, and Zech Krinjnic, 13, did one night has made them go viral, and in a good way.

That night, the two were sitting on Zech’s porch.

They were just talking and enjoying the night when they saw something coming out of the bushes around 10:15. All of a sudden, they realized that whatever it was, it was on a nearby busy road.

Dalaurence told NewsChannel 5 that they were curious about what it was. They originally thought it was an animal and didn’t want it to be killed on the highway.

They ran towards what they thought was an animal to save it from a sudden death.

However, they realized it wasn’t an animal after all. It was a three-your-old girl and she was headed right for the very busy highway!

When they realized it was a young girl, time seemed to stand still. There were no adults in sight and they saw a truck headed her way.

Dalaurence got to the little girl first, racing onto the road and snatching the little girl out of the way of the zooming truck. He said that everything in his mind dropped and that he was clear and level-headed. His sole focus was on grabbing the little girl.

Zech recalled that his friend scooped her out of the road right before the truck was about to hit her. Neither one of them looked both ways before jumping into the middle of the road to save the little girl. They were that focused.

Thanks to the heroic actions of Dalaurence and Zech, the little girl is safe.
The girl’s parents were questioned later by the authorities. It is still unknown as to why she was on the road and by herself in the first place.

Mount Juliet officials gave the boys a key to the city to honor their amazingly selfless deed. They have also been praised all over after their story went viral.

Lisa Coffman, the grandmother of Dalaurence, said she is thrilled about the attention. She said that the two are both good kids and deserve the recognition.

Check out their captivating story below! You won’t want to miss it!

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