A Real Life Pinocchio Born But People Throwing Nasty Comments At His Mom

Ollie Trezise was born in February 2014 in Maesteg, and however, he is no different from me and you, but his nose makes him a bit different from us. His nose makes him look like a real life Pinocchio.

It is a rare medical condition, in which due to a crack in his skull, his brain started growing in his nose.

Amy, his mom knew that her son is going to be different from other people. When she went for her periodical medical checkup at 20 weeks, then her doctor told her that there is a soft tissue growing on his face. She knew she had to expect something different, but no amount of preparation could prepare her for what she saw when Ollie was born.

When Ollie was given to Amy right after his birth, Amy was surprised to see a golf-sized nose on his little face.

She confessed that she was shocked and didn’t know how to cope, but she said that she also knew that she would love him no matter what.

However, she couldn’t escape from other people’s nasty comments. One woman crossed all the lines and told her that she should have never given birth to him. “That hurt, very badly. She had no right to say that about my baby. I was almost crying, but I know that my son is perfect and that he is my Pinocchio. I am very proud of him,” she said.

A few days and an MRI Scan later, doctors told her that this lump was a rare defect called encephalocele. As the days passed and Ollie grew in size, so did the size of the lump. Doctors suggested Amy, that Ollie should go through an operation so that his nasal passages could open up and he could breathe.

So, in November 2014, his nose was rebuild successfully.

“Operation left a scar on his head, I was sure that he was in pain, but he kept smiling and laughing. He made going through all this so much easier,” Amy said.

Now that he is recovered, he along with his elder sister Annabelle makes up a recipe for lots of mischief and disaster. Annabelle is jealous of his baby brother because his nose brings up a lot of attention to him. She even tries to touch it when she thinks that her mother is not looking.

Ollie has been bullied in the past because of his nose, and his mother is determined to raise awareness about his condition.

Ollie is unique and clever; he makes people laugh and is simply an amazing boy. It seriously depends on us whether we want to rob this beautiful soul of his childishness and innocence by bullying him or love and adore him for the special child that he is.