Silverback gorilla makes new friend — One who can fit on the tip of his finger

Bobo the gorilla was virtually alone in the world when his mother was killed by poachers. He was only two years old when saved in the wild by a group of rescuers. He’s been a resident of the Mefou Primate Sanctuary since 1994. It is part of the Ape Action Africa program.

Bobo quickly moved to the top of his 300 furry roommates in Cameroon, Africa. Every newcomer in the sanctuary has probably met him at some point.

Meeting a gorilla is no joke. They are among some of the most deadly creatures to exist in the wild. Crossing paths with a full-grown gorilla is worse than running into a bear. That’s why representatives were so amazed to find Bobo cuddling up to his new friend.

The Giant And The Bush Baby

This little guy is a miniature African monkey that will spend most of his life in the trees. They definitely aren’t at the top of the food-chain. He is small enough to comfortably sit on the fingertip of his giant buddy.

What’s got everyone jumping in excitement is how much care Bobo puts into handling his friend. This isn’t something you see everyday from such a power-house of an animal.

You’ll see in the video that he parades his tiny bush baby around for all his fellow primates to see. He makes sure that everyone knows not to touch.

It’s almost as if his paternal instincts are kicking in.
Bobo carries his tiny visitor so carefully throughout the recording.

All Good Things Come To An End

The bush baby just couldn’t stay awake after too long. It was time to go back home.

The most heartwarming part of this video is watching the pair walk back slowly to the bush baby’s home. This was a fun day that neither of them will soon forget!

Bushbabies are normally nocturnal animals according to experts. It is very rare for these creatures to be seen roaming around during the daytime.

This little bush baby isn’t afraid to stay up late having fun. You can tell he loved jumping down to play in the grass, but the miniature monkey kept returning to Bobo’s hand.

Let your loved ones know how that you care about them as much as Bobo cares about his new friend. Pass this heartwarming story to your animal loving friends and let’s spread some cuteness today.