Patriots player ditches post-Super Bowl interview to celebrate with his young sons

Fans of the New England Patriots were ecstatic on Sunday night when the team won the Super Bowl for the sixth time. Few players were more excited than fullback James Develin, who was the lead blocker on the touchdown that won them the game.

While most of the players celebrated with each other after their win, James seemed only interested in celebrating with his wife and children.

James and his wife Jennifer are parents to two sons, James III and William Robert, and a daughter Adrienne Mattea. While their daughter was too little to attend the game, their two sons were there decked out in Patriots jerseys, and they could not have been more excited!

Though he was exhausted from the game, James did not hesitate to start celebrating with his two boys as soon as he saw them.

James and his son playfully wrestled on the field as confetti fell around them. This was truly a father son moment that none of them will ever forget.

James even decided to forego the usual post-Super Bowl interviews to have snack time with his boys!

It’s so great to see a star athlete who loves spending time with his children. This kind of success would go to many athletes’ heads and make them lose sight of what’s important in life, but James seems to be a fully grounded father whose main priority is his children. They are lucky to have a dad like him!

Check out James’ touching Super Bowl celebration below!