Hunky father & twin sons chopped $10,000 worth of firewood – Only to give it away

Sometimes, people do something that others would not expect. Throughout the summer of 2018, Shane McDaniel and his two grown sons chopped tons of firewood. They chopped more than what people will usually ever see in their lifetimes. Mr. McDaniel is a small business owner who lives in Lake Stevens, Washington. He started cutting wood in order to take care of a lot of trees that fell down on his property. As the piles of wood grew, Mr. McDaniel came up with an audacious plan.

The Pile of Logs

Shane McDaniel with his twins Henry & Harry 2018

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Mr. McDaniel and his sons chopped, cut and chopped some more. The pile of logs grew to be as big as a wall. In all, they cut about 40 cords of wood. Soon, people took notice. They pulled over and inquired about whether or not the wood was for sale. The market value of 40 cords of wood is about $10,000. Shane and his twin sons, Harrison and Henry, told the onlookers that the wood was not for sale. According to Mr. McDaniel, people looked at him and his sons as if they were crazy when they explained that they were not selling the wood.

What They Did With the Wood

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Once the weather turned bitterly cold in November 2018, Mr. McDaniel logged into a Facebook account that he had not used in a long time. He posted photos of the cords of wood, noting that he did not want anyone to go cold in their neighborhood during the upcoming holiday season. He posted a message to his neighbors and friends. This message urged his online connections to let anyone with a wood-burning stove or furnace know about the wood he and his sons had cut. If anyone with small children or a modest income needed wood and could not afford to heat their homes for the upcoming winter, he wanted to give them some at no cost. He explained that the wood had been properly seasoned and was ready to burn. They explained that they were also willing to load, stack or deliver the wood to anyone in need of assistance. Mr. McDaniel reiterated that the wood was not for sale at any price.

The Value of Cut Wood

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In most cases, a cord of wood that has been properly cut, split and delivered to a person’s home costs about $400. Millions of Americans use wood to heat their homes during the winter months of the year, and these gentlemen knew that their hard work would yield blessings for dozens of people. What they did not expect was how far their Facebook post would go and how many people would be inspired by it.

About Mr. McDaniel

Publicată de Shane McDaniel pe Joi, 8 noiembrie 2018

Mr. McDaniel is a single dad with six children. He understands how difficult it can be to heat a house and put food on the table during a long and cold winter. This understanding is what motivated Mr. McDaniel and his sons to deliver the cords of wood to the people who could not afford to buy wood for the upcoming winter. A local chimney sweep service stepped up after Mr. McDaniel’s Facebook post went around. The chimney sweep service offered to clean the chimneys of anyone who received some of the wood. This essential service rids chimneys of creosote buildup. Creosote leads to chimney fires.

The People Who Benefited from Mr. McDaniel’s Generosity

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One single mom said that getting the wood and chimney cleaning brought her to tears. It meant that she would not have to worry about keeping her little girl warm during the upcoming winter. Another resident in the area said that her home is old and cold. She stated that receiving the free wood was one of the best things that had happened to her all year. A few people were not so obviously thankful as these two women, but Mr. McDaniel understands this. He remembers feeling too proud to ask for help, too. He said that some people simply shared their thanks and pointed at where they wanted him to put the wood. Those folks would go back into their house and stay there until Mr. McDaniel left. He said he’s okay with that. The satisfaction of giving to others is the only thanks he needs.

The Aftermath of His Good Deeds


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Mr. McDaniel’s Facebook account is filled with requests for wood. This inspired him to cut more for next year. Local volunteers helped with the cutting. Other volunteers with wooded property scoured their land for downed trees, too. New log splitting machines should make it easier for Mr. McDaniel to give away even more wood in 2019. The machines were donated, and he hopes to use them to cut and give away 100 cords of wood.

What do you think about this story? Have you ever done a random act of kindness for strangers? If so let us know about your experiences and be sure to spread the word about Mr. McDaniel and his family, it might inspire some people to show some kindness!