12 Symptoms of lung cancer that everyone should know

Are you aware about the connection between the quality of the air and the lung cancer? This article has really important information dedicated to this subject, so if you have no clue about this, read on this article…

One of the leading cause of death in both genders is surly the lung cancer. The numbers of death related to cancer causes, lung cancer is suppressing those with other cancers like breast, colon and prostate cancer.

Early warning signs and symptoms
Sadly for this disease is the appearance of symptoms. In large number of the cases the symptoms do not appear until the cancer has spread and reached the progressive stage. What is more concerning is that at first the symptoms in the very begging are often related to other health problems caused by smoking and not with the cancer itself.

Wheezing or shortness of breath

Weakness and fatigue

Losing appetite and great weight loss

Constant infections like pneumonia or bronchitis

Pain the chest while deep breaths, or laughing or coughing

Coughing of blood or rust-colored phlegm or sputum

Continued cough that get worse or does not go away

Roughness of voice

In cases when lung cancer extents to other organs, it is expressed by the following symptoms:

Pain in the bones (usually in the back or hips)

Headaches, weakness, numbness, dizziness, balance problems, and seizures may occur when the cancer is spreading on the brain or spinal cord
Jaundice, yellowing of the skin and eyes can occur when cancer extents to the liver

When the cancer extents to the skin or lymph node occur lumps near the surface of the body.

Early detection

Like we said in the beginning the symptoms of this disease appear very rare in the first stage, and more often in the advanced stage. This is the main reason why this cancer is not diagnosed at the very begging. It has been confirmed that this disease can be found in early stage by certain pneumonia or heart disease tests.


As the situation and treatments with other cancer goes, there are no more differences with this type of cancer. In general everything depends on the age, gender, overall health and the stage of the spreading.

Common treatments for this cancer are surgeries, radiation therapy, chemotherapy as well as immunotherapy.

By surgery treatments is referring to lobectomy where the entire lobe is removing from the lung. Segmentectomy is referring to removing of parts of the lung when cancer develops; wedge resection is removal of the tumor and pneumonectomy where the entire lung is removed.


Lung cancer can be prevented by including healthy food in your eating regimen and regular exercises. In addition to this the quality of the air can be one of the reasons for preventing cancer, you can improve your chances by not inhaling the following toxins:

Radon Gas

This type which by nature is tasteless and odorless is usually obtained with the natural breakdown of the soil, rocks and dirt and is associated with large number of lung cancers. More than 20,000 affected with lung cancers are usually associated with this gas.


This natural mineral found in the water and the soil used for so many years as construction material it has been found that is not that safe for human’s health. As the examinations claim the inhalation or ingestion increases the risk of lung cancer up to 10 years.

Cigarette smoke

Regardless to this numeration the cigarette smoke is still the leading cause for lung cancer. Even 70 of the chemicals in the tobacco are causing cancer in animals and humans.