There are Things You Should Never Do While You’re On Your Period

Men consistently consider we’re too emotional throughout that “time of the month”, so there are things you should never do while on your period.

Getting out of bed is hard enough as it is, with our cramps and other hormonal issues. If the opposite $ex is right about how emotional we get, then there are tons of things you should never do when on your period.


You only feel bloated because you’re on your period. Once the week is over, you’ll be your $exy self again. There’s no need to exercise now, especially since you don’t want to risk ruining your new workout clothes. You should just save yourself the trouble of putting them through the wash until the stains come out.


Don’t believe all of the clichés you hear. You don’t have to stuff yourself with chocolate because you’re on your period. It’s not going to make you feel any better. Eat a few candy bars, but don’t go crazy. You’ll only be angry at yourself in the end.


Yes, that bucket of ice cream is just what you need at the moment, but dairy products are high in fats and therefore have the same effects as fatty meats. Of course, this also goes for cheeses and cream. When cooking, try to avoid cheesy or creamy dishes, and if you really need a scoop of ice cream, look for a non-dairy gelato without added sugars.


If you’re a coffee addict, this might be a difficult one to let go for a few days. However, caffeine can contribute to irregular periods. Additionally, doctors have said it can worsen menstrual cramps, as well as cause sleep difficulties and depressive moods. Although some teas also contain caffeine, it contains much less of it compared to coffee, making tea a good alternative. You should also avoid energy drinks.


Alc0hol increases all the symptoms of PM$ and cramps, so avoiding booze while on your period will make your week less bad than it already is. Additionally, alc0hol acts as a blood thinner, which in turn increases your flow, causing even more discomfort. The effects can be noticed from just one glass, so avoid it altogether and grab that cup of tea.


You don’t want to leave the house anyway, so that’ll make it easier to avoid hitting the drive thru. All that fried food is only going to make you feel worse, so give in to your cravings for something else.


If you start a fight with a friend, you’re going to say things that you don’t mean, because like it or not, our hormones mess with us. Do you really want to start an argument with your best friend about whether One Direction is better than the Backstreet Boys? It’s not worth it. Just let her have it her way, instead of making her black and blue.


That pile of junk on the kitchen cabinet and the heap of clothes on your bathroom floor aren’t going anywhere, so don’t make yourself miserable trying to take care of things when you’re having your period. Just leave the mess and crawl back into bed with a book or a movie. Attack that mess when you feel more like yourself.

In reality, you can do anything on your period that you’d do during the rest of the month. However, sometimes it seems like our best option is to just stay in and sleep. Whatever you’re comfortable with, go for it!